Starting this April, the Old World Deli will be hosting a new theme of the month program at their Bellingham location on N. State Street. The restaurant is beginning a new monthly calendar focus that includes a country, area or theme for the evening specials Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The program will consist of offering wine and food specials specific to that focus.

Anna and Cristos hand select and personally enjoy the specialty food items offered at Old World Deli. Photo credit: Theresa Golden.

Owners Anna and Christos Adams had been thinking of creating theme nights at the deli for a while, but finally decided to bring the idea to fruition in 2017. They created the concept as a way to bring more customers to their location, particularly on Thursday nights, their slowest night of the week.

The deli already offers a 10 for 10 wine program on the last Thursday of every month. Anna said the theme of the month program will create more specific events on Thursdays in addition to offering food and wine specials throughout the month.

Old World Deli offers a plethora of delicious, cured, artisan meats. Photo credit: Conor O’Keefe.

“What we want to do is host a themed dinner on the second Thursday of every month showcasing food and wine from different regions,” Anna said. “The themed dinner will be the highlight of the themed month, and introduce the specials we put on our evening menu for that month.”

Currently, the staff at Old World Deli has their themes planned through the month of July. They plan to carry them on throughout the rest of the year, especially if they are well-received. “For April, our theme is going to be Italy. We are planning for the first themed dinner to feature house-made sausage, meatballs and pasta,” Anna said. “We are most likely going to offer a smaller version of our 10 for 10 wine program on the dinner nights. We are thinking of doing a 4 for 4.”

Old World Deli offers an inviting place to shop or dine. Photo credit: Conor O’Keefe.

The themed dinners will be set at a fixed price. Patrons will pay one price for both dinner and the accompanying wine selections. The deli will make exceptions for those who do not wish to drink by offering a discounted rate for just the food portion of the dinner. Other potential additions to the dinners will be raffles, discounted wines and live music, Anna said.

Anna and Christos want the themed dinners to be an introduction to the new evening specials for each respective month. “It’s our 10-year anniversary this year and we really wanted to try something new and special because of that. Having the themed months is one way to do that,” Anna said.

Old World Deli is a great place to find excellent wines as well as vermouth, bitters and olives to go in a cocktail. Photo Credit: Theresa Golden.

Old World Deli will be hosting an anniversary party to celebrate the 10-year milestone on June 13. The party will most likely coincide with their theme of the month for June, as they are finding a way to make the party and themed dinner night tie together.

Old World Deli is located at 1228 North State Street, between Holly & Chestnut, in Bellingham. For more information call 360-738-2090, email or visit the Old World Deli website.


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