Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. . .

Here are ways others say they succeed with our help.

Positive Community Branding:

“Steven has been amazing to work with, he did such a good job on this article. I teared up a little when I read it!!

I am so thankful that we partnered…and that you do focus on positive stories. We need that more than ever right now.”

                                – Jan Higman, Marketing Director, The Bellingham at Orchard

Outreach made easyyou can focus on your own business:

“Stacee and the WhatcomTalk team is a pleasure to work with. From the personalized service to the professional advertising product they provide, it has been a very positive experience. I appreciated that I could just state my goals and Stacee and her team could find the right solution.”

– Jim Sutterfield, Signs Plus Inc.

WhatcomTalk makes sharing local good news so easy! We get timely reminders, ideas for stories, and always have positive interactions with their team. All the writers seem to find just the right perspective to tell our stories. Kevin’s vast enthusiasm for this community and the professionalism of all the staff has made advertising with WhatcomTalk a priority for us.

 – Chris Caldwell, The Chrysalis Inn & Spa

Staying present with a constant value proposition for your customers:

“WhatcomTalk is like having your own in-house advertising department. We have a small business in Bellingham and have struggled over the years to find an appropriate platform that allows us to reach as many of our customers as possible. For us, advertising is more about reminding our current customers that we’re here and showcasing what we have available throughout our ever-changing growing season.

WhatcomTalk allows us to do this by helping us tell stories about our farm that are relevant to what we have available for sale…as well as what’s coming up.

We appreciate this flexibility, as well as the in-depth detail we were allowed to go into…without worrying about the price per word or staying under a word count.

The writing staff does a fabulous job of capturing the essence of what we’re about in every article. So much of our society is based on social media and online profiles, and WhatcomTalk has provided access to this platform with an incredibly talented staff that worked with us as much as for us.

We view WhatcomTalk as an excellent platform for advertising. It gives us an online presence, apart from our Facebook and Instagram pages, while still allowing us to share our articles within our existing online presence.

We’re thrilled with our results over the past 10 months and appreciate all of the hardworking staff at WhatcomTalk for making our experience so gratifying, especially Kevin Coleman, who is always available to answer questions and make us smile!”

– Peggy Weston, Joe’s Gardens

Growing businesses and momentum through storytelling.

WhatcomTalk has been vital in reaching out to our community to help our business grow. Their staff is so supportive and full of such enthusiasm. You can’t help but feel like you’re a part of something bigger.

– Shannon Fuller, Still Life Massage and Float

WhatcomTalk was a major driving force in a key moment for the adoption of the Bellingham flag. They helped organize and volunteered at an event for the Boys and Girls Club of Bellingham where we educated kids about the meaning and the importance of the flag and graphic art in general. Around that time, they also ran an in-depth, personal article at a pivotal moment in the campaign. The author, Sara Holodnick, took the time to dig deeper into not just what was happening but whyand really helped illustrate the importance of our work. They also featured several follow-up articles as the flag grew in popularity and was eventually officially adopted. They were a huge help and I can’t thank them enough.

– Bradley James Lockhart, Bellingham Flag Campaign


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