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Comcast expanded broadband service to nearly 14,000 additional homes and 900 businesses in Washington, including major projects in Whatcom County. As part of a continued effort to invest in expanding service to the citizens of Whatcom County and to meet increasing needs in the area, Comcast built out services to more than 230 units in several apartment buildings in Bellingham and made service available to 114 additional businesses. Comcast also expanded internet service to additional residents and businesses in Blaine, Deming, Everson, Ferndale, Lynden, Maple Falls and Nooksack.

The expansion during the second half of 2021 is the latest example of the company’s investment to bring more high-speed internet access and services to businesses and households throughout Washington state. During the last three years, Comcast has invested nearly $1 billion in technology and infrastructure throughout the state, including upgrades to its broadband network.

“Access to technology is a powerful driver of economic growth and innovation, and we recognize our company plays a very important role in building and connecting Washington to all the opportunities broadband offers. Our investment built over 250 miles of network expansion, to connect nearly 15,000 additional homes and businesses to reliable and fast broadband service in the second half of 2021, demonstrating our commitment to bringing the power of technology to the many communities around our state,” said Roy Novosel, Vice President – Engineering, Comcast Washington.

These residents now have access to the entire Xfinity product suite, from Internet Essentials – the largest and most comprehensive low-cost Internet adoption program for low-income Americans – to Comcast Business internet, which delivers up to 10 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) of network capacity to local businesses. Two-thirds of the homes which now have Comcast service are multi-dwelling units.

Comcast Washington’s focus on the expansion of its existing network is led by the company’s Business Development Group, a new local department helping to extend internet services to more people and businesses. The Group focuses on growth and the future expansion of Comcast’s network through partnerships with developers, municipalities and businesses. It proactively identifies commercial and residential expansion opportunities and collaborates with local communities to grow high-speed broadband internet availability and adoption.

“Comcast is committed to investing in new projects to ensure the diverse communities in the state of Washington have access to high-quality, high-speed bandwidth that are part of the full suite of products under our Xfinity, Xfinity Mobile, and Comcast Business brands,” said Juan Key, senior director, Business Development, Comcast Washington.

Anyone interested in how to bring services to a project in a local community, may email the Comcast Washington Business Development Group at WSTWAC-BusinessDevelopmentGroup@comcast.com.

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