April saw the addition of many new and interesting local reads to the pages of WhatcomTalk. Each month we like to take a look back at what most resonated with our community. Here are some of WhatcomTalk’s most read stories in April:

Bellingham’s Hidden Eateries of North State Street – Seven Pedestrian Friendly Finds for Foodies

Stop in for a delicious Peruvian sandwich at Cafe Rumba. Photo credit: Patricia Herlevi.

This handy guide takes you on a culinary tour of the hidden gems of North State Street. From Pelmeni to Café RumbaLeaf and Ladle to the Cosmos Bistro, you’re sure to find plenty to delight your senses and satiate your palate.

Cascade Tiny Houses – A Time And Space Revolution

Candy Mathews stands at the doorway of Shannon Carlton’s new tiny home. Photo credit: Dondi Tondro-Smith.

Cascade Tiny Houses have all the charm of a dollhouse and the functionality of a full-size home. In custom building affordable tiny homes, the Cascade team’s shared vision serves as a doorway to creative, multi-purpose design which helps their clients discover an altogether different way of defining spatial requirements.

Paul Tuttle – Fanning The Flame Of Creativity

Tuttle begins the process of introducing electrical current to his newest virgin tabletop. Photo credit: Image Smith Studio, Joe Tondro-Smith.

This is a fascinating story about local artist Paul Tuttle. Tuttle uses a transformer he salvaged from a repurposed microwave to conduct electrical current through the wood. The process is slow and methodical. Even though he cannot predict where the burning lines will travel, he continually moves the contact handle around the table until it’s covered in one of a kind fractal patterned magic.

Editor’s Pick: How to Grow the Perfect Tomato – from the Experts at Joe’s Gardens

Joe's Gardens
“Tomatoes are the holy grail of fruits we grow,” says Jason Weston. Photo courtesy: Joe’s Gardens.

A good tomato is hard to come by. Maybe the rarity of tomato perfection is what makes it so sought after and what drives people to want to grow their own. Co-owners of Joe’s Gardens, Nathan and Jason Weston, explain the process so you too can enjoy tomato perfection.

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