Over the last three years, cannabis has gained increasing popularity in Whatcom County. Yet, there is still much to learn and understand about this topic. This page, sponsored by the Center for Mindful Use (CMU), is designed to educate and raise awareness of the cannabis industry and what is happening within our own community.

CMU provides a safe, free and fun place to talk and learn with others about cannabis. Topics include the social, medical, spiritual, cultural, recreational, legal and historical foundations of cannabis and the best practices for its reintroduction into modern society.

Cannabis Education

From the President’s Desk: American Values

Submitted by: Danielle Rosellison, President of The Cannabis Alliance Iam not that different from you, you know? I've lived in Bellingham for 17 years and...

Satori and The Center for Mindful Use Open in Bellingham

Submitted by: Satori Cannabis Boutique As the movement to legalize cannabis progresses, a new Bellingham organization wants to help those who choose to use the...
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