Each year, the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce awards seven individuals in Whatcom County under 40 who have shown and continue to show incredible initiative and stewardship in their communities. Finalist Sam Beardslee, a marketing representative with Whatcom Land Title Company, builds relationships and creates inspiration with her infectious positivity and steadfast approach to her work and volunteerism.

“I was born in Snohomish and moved to Blaine when I was 12,” says Beardslee. “I have lived in Whatcom County ever since.” Beardslee started her career in phlebotomy, drawing blood and training others for 13 years. As a successful phlebotomist, Beardslee wrote and enacted her own state-certified program to streamline their training schedule at the practice.

Beardslee connects people, businesses, and organizations with a natural talent for motivation and positivity.

“I was in a training role for people who were already certified but it seemed like there was such a lack of opportunity for people to get certified as a phlebotomist; without going through a state certified program, you have to go to school for it. I thought it was much better to just write our own program,” Beardslee says. “That way, they could get paid well and learn, not have to pay for school and not get paid while looking for a job. It seemed more efficient, and we could train them the way we wanted to, in the best way for the practice.”

After 13 years, Beardslee realized she needed to look for a career that would be more fulfilling and meaningful for her individual personality. “The marketing job with Whatcom Land Title kind of fell into my lap,” says Beardslee. “I had a connection with the company, and I had previously bought a house and signed with them. I liked the vibe of the workplace and when this job came up, I learned it would entail talking to people and being involved in the community and networking. I felt like it hit all the points I had been missing in my previous job — not to say phlebotomy isn’t an amazing career on its own.”

With Whatcom Land Title, Beardslee has had the opportunity to grow her particular strengths and serve the community in impactful ways. “I do relationship building and marketing with real estate agents, lenders, and builders to use our services in title and escrow,” Beardslee says. “I also do social media, event planning, and everything that kind of goes along with all of that, so there’s actually a lot of different things I do in my job.”

Beardslee was a successful phlebotomist but feels more fulfilled after a career change.

Being named a Top Seven Under 40 finalist has been an honor for Beardslee, who values and appreciates her community and coworkers. “I feel really flattered; it’s amazing I was even nominated,” says Beardslee. “It feels really great, but I also struggle with attention on me, so it feels a little weird because now when I go places, people recognize me as a nominee. I think I’ve always been a good cheerleader, and I’m good at bringing people together. I’ve always had a penchant for getting people together to do things.”

Just last January, Beardslee facilitated the planting of 350 trees. “We bought a property in January and back in March planted 350 trees in one weekend,” Beardslee says. “We had 16 different people at various times planting trees with us and I feel like it is my strength to get people to come together and do cool things like that.” Beardslee hopes to continue being a positive light in the community, using her skills to brighten the outlook and outcomes for those around her. “I just hope that I can help other professionals make meaningful connections and encourage them to do cool things in the community like volunteering and giving back,” says Beardslee. “I’m an idea person and I’m encouraging; that’s my passion and my role. My goal is to help people and make them happy. I’m the catalyst.”

An excerpt from Sam’s nomination form: “Sam is someone who is so invested in her community and is genuine and authentic with everyone she meets. She consistently makes people feel welcome and heard in every situation and is someone that is an incredible mentor and friend, even if it’s in ways she may not realize.”

Watch as the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce reveals the winner of the Top 7 Under 40 Whatcom Young Professional 2022 Award! Celebrate with them and the final Top 7. Enjoy food, music, beer, wine, and networking while supporting the best and the brightest young professionals in our community. More information available here.

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