There are few things more important to one’s physical wellbeing than selfcare. And finding a safe space to enhance and heal your body — as well as your mind — is an essential part of this process. 7 Elements Wellness Spa embodies peace and tranquility through the betterment of body and mind while providing a variety of effective therapies for their clients. Operations Manager Emma Winningham sits down with WhatcomTalk to introduce their newly installed Watsu tub and highlight their brand-new esthetician services.

With nary a Watsu tub in sight throughout the region, 7 Elements knew it was time to take the next step toward their goal for the wellness spa. “Natalie — our owner and physical therapist — got trained in Watsu about three years ago as a continuation of her education in physical therapy and she really fell in love with how holistic and gentle it is,” says Winningham. “It’s something she really enjoyed doing and when she first got trained in it, there was only one woman who ran a pool in Skagit County. When she closed down, we thought to install a Watsu tub because it is a really gentle, healing modality that isn’t offered anywhere north of Seattle.”

Patients will be in the tub with a practitioner, performing gentle movements designed to ease pain and improve mobility. Photo courtesy: 7 Elements Wellness Spa

The Watsu tub is a circular pool heated to about 97 degrees, right around normal body temperature, which can help provide a deeper relaxation.

“Watsu is a type of aquatic body work, and the actual name is a combination of water and Shiatsu,” says Winningham. “It’s taking Shiatsu massage techniques and knowledge and applying them in the water so you have that added benefit of extra buoyancy, taking gravity’s force away from your joints and muscles so that you can get deeper relaxation. It’s a very gentle and relaxing way to improve range of motion and decrease pain.”

Still, Winningham has noticed a few misconceptions arise about the tub and its uses. “Whenever I start to talk about Watsu, a lot of people think it’s like a float tank,” she says. “There are some similar principles but it’s not quite the same.”

Watsu therapy relieves joint pain and chronic symptoms. Photo courtesy: 7 Elements Wellness Spa

Practical use and therapeutic method are among key differences between the two.

“When you’re in a float tank, you’re normally by yourself, relaxing, and just letting everything go,” Winningham says. “In a Watsu Tub, you have a practitioner there with you and floaties on your arms and legs. The practitioner cradles your head, lets you float there, and usually holds you around your knees. They take you through a series of movements like gentle twisting or rocking side to side with a little bit of stretching. Since it is based on Shiatsu, there is a bit of a massage element there, as well.”

Both garner relaxation and less stress on joints, but a Watsu tub requires more activity to complete the therapy and reduce chronic symptoms.

7 Elements’ estheticians offer five different facials and nine waxing options. Photo courtesy: 7 Elements Wellness Spa

Water therapies like Watsu are crucial in the healing process for those who have major joint pain, or trouble laying down and sitting up, among many other range of motion issues.

“The thing Watsu offers that other modalities do not is how gentle it is on your body,” says Winningham. “You’re being held up by the water and it takes a lot of force out of your muscles and joints.”

Aside from the exciting Watsu tub news, 7 Elements is also proud to present esthetician services as their newest add-on. “We had two estheticians join us a few weeks ago,” Winningham says. “They do different types of facials as well as a variety of waxing techniques. Considering how new it is, it has been pretty popular.”

Dermaplaning facials remove dead skin and small hairs from the face, leaving a smooth and healthy shine. Photo courtesy: 7 Elements Wellness Spa

With five distinct facials and nine waxing options, their estheticians can provide a range of treatments for individual and unique client needs. For example, their non-abrasive dermaplane facial uses a specialized blade to remove dead skin and unwanted hair on the face, freshening skin with a dewy new glow. And their signature facial is customized to your exact skin type, featuring a skin analysis, exfoliation, hydration, double cleanse, mask, serum, cream, and facial massage.

7 Elements is the perfect oasis to clear your mind and heal your body, providing more balance and peace in your life. Make sure to check out other incredible, life-changing therapies at 7 Elements, which include acupuncture, massage therapy, myofascial release, nail care, and airbrush tanning.

7 Elements Wellness Spa is located at 7714 Birch Bay Drive, Suite #1, in Birch Bay, and 7 Elements Physical Therapy is located at 8097 Harborview Road, Suite B, in Birch Bay.


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