Tim Walker didn’t always have yoga. For most of his life, he didn’t know it was something he needed. He found the practice while turning his life around, when renewal, rejuvenation and healing were necessary.

Tim Walker loves to share yoga with others. Photo courtesy: Tim Walker.

Six years ago, Tim quit drinking, opened a new business fixing cars and took on a fresh mindset. The practice of yoga helped him discover himself and allowed him to teach others these restorative methods.

“For me, yoga is an offering. I need to respect it because it changed my life,” Tim says. “There was a point when I was suicidal and I needed to find something to change my life. Yoga was that something.”

Tim focused his intentions with a trip down the West Coast, a trip he says was necessary to reset himself, to find out who he was and what he wanted out of life. A month later, he walked into a Ferndale yoga studio to try it out. He immediately knew this was something he wanted to practice. He went home that night and asked his wife for a divorce. Moving forward he celebrated a new anniversary, his yoga anniversary, on August 18.

Tim Walker is both a yoga teacher and a student. Photo courtesy: Tim Walker.

From then, things began to shift for Tim. He frequented the studio in Ferndale and soon began yoga teacher training.

Tim taught yoga for a while, but eventually concluded he just wanted to practice. It wasn’t until becoming involved with the Center for Mindful Use that Tim decided to teach yoga again.

He’d heard about the Center for Mindful Use and the variety of mindfulness activities hosted there two years ago. He attended a Wednesday night yoga class where he met people and made friends. It didn’t take long to realize he wanted to be a part of this community. “I’m really grateful to be instructing there,” Tim says. “Without the Center for Mindful Use, I’m not sure if I would have taught yoga again. But remember, I’m also learning too. Every day I teach the practice is another day I also learn more about it.”

For Tim Walker, Yoga marked a new life path. Photo courtesy: Tim Walker.

Tim instructs The Heart School: Everyday Yoga at the Center for Mindful Use every Wednesday evening at 5:55 p.m. His class is donation-based and open to students of all levels. He also runs a men’s group at the Ayurvedic Health Center, is under a mentorship at 3 OMS Yoga, and even works as a mechanic at an auto shop in Mount Vernon.

Tim is a busy man, but he’s created a balance to fortify himself both inwardly and outwardly. He forged a mindset that wasn’t easy to obtain, but the transformative journey was worth every second.


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