According to Ann Serwold, Executive Director of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce, “We’re working to find ways to support the community.” The chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee is doing just that – working to help all businesses in any way possible.

Ann Serwold is the Executive Director of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce. Photo courtesy: Ferndale Chamber of Commerce.

This Business Advocacy Committee is composed of Chamber of Commerce members that are downtown merchants, developers, stakeholders, business owners and the Ferndale Downtown Association, and is currently working with the City, Ferndale Library and LIBC to help promote local business and help fill vacancies in the historical downtown section of Ferndale that is in need of revitalization. The committee looks to answer the questions of what Ferndale wants in those spaces and what the city and business owners can do, working together, to create an environment of flourishing business that attracts residents spending time shopping and enjoying the downtown experience.

Jon Rockwood, local business owner of Rockwood Realty, is well-known in this downtown district. “I love this city,” he says. Jon goes on to say that he is very optimistic about the growth in downtown Ferndale.  He even feels that we will see changes as early as three to six months because of the efforts of the committee and the focus being placed on business growth in the area.

Facilitated by Serwold, the committee is working in a positive, non-political manner to promote business revitalization in downtown Ferndale. And, as a collaborative group, they are assessing what can be done to make this area a place where businesses thrive and community residents enjoy spending time.

Be on the lookout for changes coming to Downtown Ferndale in the near future. Want to get involved as a Ferndale business owner? Check out the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce and experience their support for local community and business.


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