I have been floating through the ornate halls of Mount Baker Theatre (MBT) since it opened in 1927. Everyone calls me Judy. I wouldn’t really say that I ‘haunt’ the Theatre. I’m more of a friendly spirit. I like puttering through the dressing rooms and balcony, and people-watching the interesting visitors, which lately have been about 110,000 each year.

Everyone is talking about ‘giving the gift of experience.’ That got me thinking. Seeing a show at MBT is an amazing event! So, to keep you from getting the vapors while shopping your holiday gift list, I put together a little list of MBT’s upcoming 2017 shows.

Each one offers something different. You can pick the show that’s just right for each of the friends and family on your list. Then, when they come to MBT, I’ll get to see their eyes widen and the spellbound looks on their faces! They’ll have ‘the gift of experience’ they’ll never forget!

For Guitar Lovers 

we banjo 3
We Banjo 3 will play with the Irish Rovers on February 26. Photo credit: Yvonne Vaughan Photography.

I’ve seen many guitar players over the years at MBT and these are some of the best yet.

  • Jesse Cook sounds so intriguing. He was born in Paris, raised in Toronto, and he’s traveled the world studying and performing. His art is influenced by classical, flamenco, jazz guitar. He’ll be here January 26.
  • International Guitar Night is February 24. It’s a touring guitar festival full of acoustic solos, duets, and quartets. And, they are from Italy, Brazil, and India and have invented new techniques even I haven’t seen before.
  • I’m also so excited to hear The Irish Rovers with We Banjo 3 on February 26. This crew of talented—and handsome—young Irishmen will play traditional Irish, folk, Irish American, and Celtic tunes from their award-winning albums. If only I could stomp my own boots during the show. Perhaps I’ll push cups off the shelf in concessions or jingle the crystal chandelier instead.

For Fans of Big Musicals 

  • pirates of penzance
    The Modern Major General will be at MBT on March 12. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

    Fame– The Musical will arrive January 18. Based on the 1980 hit film, this gem is about the struggles, fears, and triumphs of the final class of New York City’s High School for the Performing Arts, from auditions to graduation. I can’t wait to sing along with the Academy-Award winning title song and hear new catchy pop numbers. And oh, the dancing!

  • The Pirates of Penzance will arrive on March 12 to take me away to another swashbuckling time. I bet the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players who will perform it will be just dreamy.
  • Midtown Men will be here on May 18. Four of the stars of Broadway’s Jersey Boys form this group who will perform all my favorite songs from the 1960’s by groups like the Beatles, the Four Seasons, and Motown. That sure was a great decade to be a ghost.

For the Wee Ones

I’ve always loved how many children get to experience a show at MBT. More than 17,000 come with the education program every year. Exposing kids to the wonder of live theater is a precious gift. I make sure not to scare the little ones.

  • mount baker theatre
    Shaolin Warriors will arrive February 3 to the Mount Baker Theatre. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

    Shaolin Warriors will be here February 3. These kung fu masters trained from a young age. Their choreographed movement will have the kids speechless.

  • I’ve also always been a fan of the ballet. The touring part of the 4th largest ballet company in America, Houston Ballet, will be here April 1. The graceful excerpts from the classics like The Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake plus some modern work will have me dancing around the balcony late into the night.

Maybe in the new year I’ll help our guests enjoy the shows just a little bit more. I’ll choose that perfect moment to give them goose bumps. Or will it be a tingle down their spine. Or, just maybe, I’ll put a flutter in their stomach. They won’t even know it’s me.

Mount Baker Theatre
104 North Commercial Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: 360-733-5793
Tickets: 360-734-6080


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