Readers’ Choice: WhatcomTalk’s Most-Read Stories in August

Fall is in the air. From the damp skies to the pumpkin spice lattes, summer has swiftly made its exit, making room for bulky sweaters, rubber boots, hot drinks, and all the things that autumn brings. But before we say goodbye completely, take a look back on summer one last time with our readers’ most-read stories in August.

1. Pozie by Natalie — Florist Natalie Ransom Uses Creativity to Build Her Dream

Pozie by Natalie’s owner Natalie Ransom hard at work making a one-of-a-kind floral crown. Photo credit: Katheryn Moran Photography.

Local florist Natalie Ransom shares a look behind the scenes of her colorful and creative business, Pozie by Natalie, in this article.

2. Visiting Point Roberts — A Country Within a Country

Cross the border into Cananda, then cross it again to enter the charming town of Point Roberts, Washington. Photo courtesy: Point Roberts Marina.

In this article about Washington city Point Roberts, WhatcomTalk writer Lauren Kramer transports us across the Canadian border and back onto US soil with a look at this country within a country.

3. A Symbol to Rally Behind: Brad Lockhart Designs Bellingham Flag

Brad Lockhart overlooks where Bellingham meets the bay, inspiration for his proposed city flag design. Photo credit: Tommy Calderon.

Bellinghamster Brand Lockhart used his creative mind to create a symbol for his city to rally behind. Find out what inspired Lockhart to design and create the Bellingham in this article.

4. Editor’s Pick: Stop and Smell the Lavender at Red Barn Lavender in Ferndale

Stop and smell the lavender at Red Barn Lavender in Ferndale. Photo courtesy: Red Barn Lavender.

WhatcomTalk writer Theresa Golden takes us on a tour for the senses in this article about Ferndale lavender farm, Red Barn Lavender.

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