Pine Needle Basketry: A Beginner’s Course in Weaving with Pine Needles


Just in time for Autumn arts and crafts! Join Jazmen Yoder for this wildcrafting workshop where you will learn how to weave a basket using the coil technique with ponderosa pine needles!

Pine needle basket-making dates to almost 9,000 years ago and the baskets served as a vessel for grain, crops, and other essentials. Dabblers, beginners, intermediate, and advanced weavers will enjoy this creative, social gathering.

In this course you will learn:

ID and Ecology features of Pinus spp. (Pine tree species).

Foraging techniques and where to harvest pine needles.

How to weave a coiled basket using pine needles.

All materials will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own too if you wish (e.g., thread, beads, decor, sewing kit).

This course will take place indoors at the Chuckanut Center near Fairhaven in Whatcom County, WA. The Chuckanut Center is heated and has access to facilities including a bathroom, full kitchen, and drinking water.

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