NeuroMovement with NIA “Moving to Heal” Classes

11/08/2019 all-day
Presence Studio
1412 Cornwall Ave
Denise Skinner
NeuroMovement with NIA "Moving to Heal" Classes @ Presence Studio

Have you heard of Feldenkrais? What I’ll be teaching is very similar. Leading people through a gentle “Transformational Movement Lesson” as we call it in “ABM” or “Anat Baniel Method”. to get in tune with your body and give your brain an opportunity to form new neural networks and your body to give you more freedom of movement.

Followed by a type of NIA class called “Moving to Heal” to help integrate the newly learned movement patterns!!!

I am a “ABM Neuromovement practitioner” and a certified NIA Instructor, specifically in this more gentle type of Nia where you truly sense your body and move to heal!! Slowly and moving with attention to very fun, uplifting music. ALL is welcome.. Can even sit in a chair!

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