Manifestation sound bath and chakra charging event

10/28/2023 @ 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Ashtanga Bellingham
Melliferapnoe Studios
Manifestation sound bath and chakra charging event @ Ashtanga Bellingham

Come together to manifest your dreams and charge your mind, body and spirit. We’ll take a trance journey to explore our inner energy, desires and manifest our dreams., rest and peace
Through the use of voice, singing bowls, bells, rattles, drums and other instruments, you’ll be guided through an inner journey. We will create a sacred space for inner reflection and physical relaxation and charging of our energies and desires.
We start with words of intention, and then we enter the journey through breath, meditation and sounds. Let the journey guide you in to your inner world, and allow the soundscapes of vibration to support you. You’ll leave the session feeling relaxed , centered, and grounded and connected with you body, mind and spirit. Ready to be energized to manifest your dreams!

~Important Details ~
To have the most comfortable experience, it is recommended you bring:
Extra blanket and pillow for comfort. (mats, cushions, and blanket will be provided)
And anything else to get cozy and relaxed (warm socks, water, eye pillow, etc.)

Admission: Tickets are $27

Additional note: Your rest and relaxation will help our local ceramic arts community. 50% proceeds go to grants and scholarship fund for our local clay studio Burnish Clay Studio. Funds raised help provide our community with continued access to the ceramic arts.
*Attendance is limited to 12 guests. Masks are optional. This space has proper air filtration.

**Accessibility: This venue is only accessible by one flight of stairs.

Guided by Charmian Toh, owner of Melliferapnoe Studios.
Charmian is a holistic therapist, herbalist, artist and wellness coach, with a passion for sound healing and meditation.

MelliferaPnoe Sound Bath sessions, as well as guided meditation, and therapeutic sound treatments participation, is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

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