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Due to the huge success, and by public demand, we are proud to announce the extension of this exhibition until February 26, 2022!

Beth Anna Margolis has been creating art for many years. Her pieces are colorful, energetic, and inspired by her love for nature. Photo courtesy Gallery Syre

Beth Anna’s pastel drawings feature many elements that speak to her persona: vivid colors, elements of nature, and inventive patterns are only some of them. Flowers, trees and leaves, and shades bright colors compliment Beth Anna’s prolific artistry. Her lines are expressive and full of movement, making her subjects truly ever interesting and lively. Showcasing this life-time collection of her paintings together with the presentation of her new book with the eponymous title “Paintings of My Life,” Gallery Syre aims to open up and share Beth Anna’s story.

Beth Anna Margolis (b.1971) is a painter and poet who has been creating art for many years. Her art is colorful, energetic, and inspired by her love for nature. The artworks and the book offer an incredible insight into Beth Anna’s world view, nurtured by her personal experiences and creative vision.

Contemporaneously, Gallery Syre will showcase the exhibition “In Dialogue,” with a selection of David Syre’s new and existing paintings and drawings.

Photo courtesy Gallery Syre

David Syre addresses pressing contemporary topics such as Climate Change, the BLM Movement, and Faith in his neo-abstract style through bold colors and delicate descriptive elements. The installation at Gallery Syre juxtaposes large and expressive paintings, in the style of street art murals, with small and delicate works on paper, referring to the universal forces of creation and a creative approach to landscaping. The works visually communicate with the Beth Anna Margolis’ works in the gallery’s other spaces. Even if Syre and Beth Anna Margolis don’t share the same background, education, or artistic practice, their artworks similarly reflect their strong personalities and prolific art-making. Both artists dare with color, energetic patterns, and a constant reinvention of the elements of nature by which they are surrounded. Both artists’ indistinguishably lively artworks are motivated by their physical and oneiric experiences.

Exhibition Details

Paintings of My Life and In Dialogue
On view until February 26, 2022

Gallery Syre
465 W Stuart Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

Tues-Sat from 11 a.m. to 4 pm and by appointment.

www.gallerysyre.com / gallerysyre@gmail.com
Ph: 360-746-8745

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