Submitted by TC Legend Homes

The Department of Energy has announced that TC Legend Homes wins a Housing Innovation Award in the sub 3000 square feet (sf) custom-home category. The house is located in Everson, Washington State.

Facing directly towards the sun, the huge south roof collects enough solar power to run the house all year and power an electric car. This house represents the future of Pacific Northwest (PNW) housing. The new homeowner is delighted:

“I am astonished almost every day with how well this house works for us. Of course, it was designed for us but even so, it is a very efficient, real world design. We wanted a house that would run the (electric) meter backwards. If there is a better way to do it; build a house that powers itself, why wouldn’t you…?”

–John Trax

The house is made from SIPs (structural insulated panels). Factory made, the foam sandwich panels arrive on-site with doors & windows already cut-out & assemble fast, a bit like Legos. Triple pane windows & cutting edge mechanical systems enable this home to classify as ‘Net Positive’, which means it makes all its own power, and excess, over the year.

The competition received hundreds of entries from all over the USA. An exhaustive assessment by the Department of Energy considered a range of factors other than the house energy systems. From wetlands & stormwater conservation through to cutting edge centrally ducted air conditioning and Alexa-controlled lighting & blinds, many aspects of this modest & modern superhouse led to the to the US government award.

“Housing Innovation Award winners such as TC Legend Homes are leading a major housing industry transformation to zero energy homes.  This level of performance is the home of the future because it improves the way Americans live by substantially reducing or eliminating utility bills, ensuring engineered comfort way beyond traditional homes, protecting health with a comprehensive package of indoor air quality measures, and helping maximize the largest investment of a lifetime.”

–Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect at the U.S. Department of Energy’s
Building Technologies Office.

About the US Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards

Department of Energy plans to eliminate energy use from American housing. The Housing Innovation Award is a strategy to focus industry & public attention on the reality that energy efficient housing is readily available now. If there were absolutely no fossil fuels used in the production, or running of this home, it would be a Zero Carbon Embodied Energy building, which is where the Housing Innovation Awards are taking us all.

About TC Legend Homes

TC is a design & build company based in Bellingham WA. Designing & building about (5) net-positive SIPs homes a year. Constantly innovating the company is making significant advances, refining the model for affordable Net-Zero housing in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). The company goal is to research, design & build the standard affordable Net Zero home for the PNW, ready for volume-construction.

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