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We’ve been offering tips and tools, and now we’re focusing on effective writing approaches in this “make connections, not content” series.

 –The WhatcomTalk Team
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Today’s Topic: Find a Forever Friend

In this series we’ve been talking about how much “writing” is involved in business, and how to turn that text from a chore into authentic conversations. 

You know your customers, so writing about them is a great place to start if you want to connect.

But what about when you’re talking to a wide audience? Maybe you have a few different kinds of customers with different needs, but as a business you still want to create a broader, meaningful connection?

When we moved our family to a new town, finding trusted professional partners was daunting. I found a mechanic that I’ve enjoyed for 12 years because of a big message on his sign.

Did it say: We love to work on cars?

No. That would have been true, and I might have tried that place, but that would just be a statement about the business. Instead, what it did say established a connection that meant something to me.

It said: Join us in supporting the local symphony.

They put it out there that they supported the arts—and classical music in particular—and now I had shared values with that brand.

The good news: When you establish shared values with a new acquaintance, that is generally called making a friend. It is powerful.

Just like making friends for yourself as a person, when you make friends for your brand your communications sometimes tell someone else’s story—a cause or passion that you and potential clients both support.

If you want to build amazing interactions with a digital audience, you need to establish things you have in common, become their advocate, solve their problems, hit their heartstrings—and really mean it. Just like you do when you talk to your customers in person.

If you haven’t been able to operate your business at full (or any) capacity during this period and feel at a loss for things to say about yourself, talk about the inspiring acts of others you support. You will engage readers, share a positive message, and make some new connections for when you’re ready to thrive.

Try It Yourself:

What does your organization, as a brand, care about—and how can you make that known? Hint: Remember, this is making a friend. Make sure you’re bonding over something you truly love!

–Amy Guerra, MBA
Business Development, WhatcomTalk

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