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As we’re blasted with information on the Coronavirus from every media outlet at our disposal, it’s heart-warming to watch as people and communities come together to solve greater problems and help those they may otherwise not have thought about before the pandemic. Local restaurants are donating meals to essential workers, businesses are writing checks for food banks, community art spaces are sewing masks for the public. The team at Choices Scrubs & Footwear, along with their store for Medical Equipment & Supplies, found themselves in a unique position to not only help the healthcare community but to also make sure that no frontline hero was left behind.

“As a former caregiver, I truly understand the role of support staff. If physicians and nurses are the heartbeat, then caregivers and support staff are the valves. If a valve gets blocked, the heart cannot function efficiently,” said Vinson Latimore, President and CEO of Gibraltar Business Group, the parent company of Choices Scrubs and Footwear. “We are experiencing this kind of turmoil for the first time, just as you are, and we want to do our part to help members of our local community.”

Amid ongoing concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Choices found that scrubs can be difficult for many on a tight-budget. They wanted to make sure that the healthcare workers who are just as important as nurses and doctors, like caregivers, custodians and other support staff, who are often lost in the spotlight, get the assistance they needed too. In an effort to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of these frontline community members, Choices Scrubs & Footwear began a new donation campaign at their Bellingham store early April of this year: The Choices Scrub Drive.

The Choices team is reaching out to individuals, consignment businesses, thrift shop businesses, and other retail businesses and urging them to donate their new or gently-used scrubs during the state shutdown. Their plan: to wash each donated scrub, treat with an anti-microbial agent and distribute to any individual or care facility in Whatcom County in need of protective workwear. But they’re not stopping with just outside scrub donations. In addition to anything they receive, Choices has made a promise to donate over 200 sets of scrubs from their own inventory to go specifically to St. Joseph’s Hospital and to Shuksan Senior Living in an effort to make life for frontline workers, just a little bit easier.

In exchange for any donations, Choices has printed over 300 exclusive coupons (20% Off Entire Purchase) to distribute to every gracious soul helping them bring positive relief to our community. Any vendors or businesses will get shoutouts on their social media and website. You may drop off your items at 424 W. Bakerview Rd., Ste. 102 located in Bakerview Square, from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m until May 30th.

If you know an individual or a care facility who has been negatively impacted by the Coronavirus and needs assistance with scrubs or workwear, please contact Choices Scrubs & Footwear so they can reach out to them with relief. Now, more than ever, everything being done for the community is making a big difference. Whether you’re donating or spreading the word about The Choices Scrub Drive, know that you are putting a smile on the faces of our frontline healthcare defenders.

To contact Choices Scrubs & Footwear email or call 360.312.3055.

Featured photo of President and CEO Vinson Latimore
courtesy of Choices Scrubs and Footwear.

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