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If turning personal contact into digital outreach is a new chore for you,  we’ve been offering how-tos and infrastructure tips and tools.

If you’re finding yourself at a loss for words, this next part of the series is for you.

Copywriting and marketing veteran Amy Guerra shares tools from her many years of experience with some bite-sized tasks to try.

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Today’s Topic: Make Connections, Not “Content”

Do you remember when business communication stopped being simply called a “newsletter,” or a “product description?”

I’m pretty sure it was about the time we all learned we’d need at least 80% more communication materials to do business. Being in business now involves so much writing and publishing.

Thanks to all the (wonderful) new ways to connect virtually with customers, conversation subtly became a chore and communications became “content.”

Now you’re tasked with “generating content.”

That sounds like something that would come out of a pasta maker.

Unfortunately, most companies approach it as such:

  • one part how great we are
  • one part stuff coming down the pike
  • five parts our brand name over and over

What comes out is as appealing as a limp noodle (I’m gluten-intolerant).

But wait, there’s good news. Content is simply you having a conversation with your customers. You love doing that.

You wouldn’t start a conversation that went:You: I’m wonderful
You: I have new stuff coming out
You: me, me, me, me, me . . . would you? Of course you wouldn’t.

So, stop making content—start making connections. I promise it will be more fun.

If you want to build amazing interactions with a digital audience, you need to establish things you have in common, become their advocate, solve their problems, hit their heartstrings—and really mean it. Just like you do when you talk to your customers in person.

In this email series I’m going to touch on some tools to use.

Your task for today:

Look at your current content, pretend you’re saying it in person, and ask yourself how it could have been a conversation?
Hint: start with your customer, not your product.

– Amy Guerra, MBA
Business Development, WhatcomTalk

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