Submitted by: Puget Sound Energy

Puget Sound Energy continues its commitment to help the environment and human services organizations through its “Powerful Partnerships” program, now in its fourth year. This year, PSE will distribute $200,000 across 24 nonprofit organizations over its 6,000 square mile service area.

In addition to providing funding to the nonprofits, PSE will also partner with them to educate their clients, employees and donors on ways to save energy and money on their bills, as well as safety and emergency preparedness. These partnerships allow PSE to enhance community engagement and awareness by focusing its giving efforts.

“Puget Sound Energy cares about our communities and the environment, so teaming up with organizations committed to do the same made sense,” said PSE Vice President of Communications Andy Wappler. “Through these partnerships, not only can we provide funds to support the organizations’ missions but also educate the community on how we can create a better energy future working together.”

It will allow partners like Seattle Town Hall to engage residents on environmental issues near and far. 

“Town Hall is excited to partner with Puget Sound Energy in bringing our sustainability-focused Town Green programming to regional audiences,” said Executive Director Wier Harman. “Town Green is a cornerstone of our annual calendar, and as the series enters its eighth season PSE’s support will allow us to continue engaging our communities in events about the science and practice of sustainability and conservation, empowering residents to exercise a more informed and passionate environmental stewardship.” 

Child Care Action Council is at the heart of child care and child safety in Thurston County. They work to promote and nurture early learning communities where children and families thrive; impacting thousands of children and their families in our community.

“With the cost of child care being equivalent to paying college tuition in Washington State each year, it’s wonderful to have tools for our families to help reduce other household expenses,” said Executive Director Gary Burris of the Child Care Action Council. “The partnership with PSE will help us educate families not only helping them conserve power, but also helping to reduce their overall energy bills.”

PSE is committed to working together to create a better energy future. Partnering with community organizations like these, helps PSE engage more people in that mission. 

Our 2020 partners include:

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