Submitted by: WTA

WTA is currently offering a $50 Visa gift card to every new rider who joins a WTA vanpool, as well as to the current rider who “recruited” them.

WTA’s vanpool program allows groups of people to “lease” a WTA-owned van for the purpose of commuting to and from a common worksite. Each vanpool rider pays a fare, based on the number of miles the van travels each month.  Fares cover all costs to operate the van, including fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Vanpooling allows participants to share the cost of commuting, and to save wear and tear on each riders’ personal car. Vanpoolers also enjoy the ability to read, work or rest on the way to and from work.

WTA can help commuters form a new vanpool. The van needs at least five riders, including several that are willing to drive. Vanpool drivers must have good driving records. WTA provides driver orientation and serves as the contact regarding van maintenance and other details.

Visit WTA’s website for Frequently Asked Questions and more details on the incentive program.

Call 360-788-9312 to speak with WTA’s vanpool coordinator about current vanpools, potential openings or for help forming a new vanpool.

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