Submitted by: Atwood Ales

Updates to Bellingham fine dining restaurant, Hundred North and Belgian style farmhouse brewers, Atwood Ales’ field dinner on August 10 and 11 have been released. Included are a tentative menu and updated travel information. Tickets are $125 per person and include transportation to and from the parking lot at Civic Field in Bellingham to the farm brewery in Blaine, a starting cocktail, five beers and a ten-course meal. Attendees who are coming from Canada or live north of Bellingham and would like to drive to the event will receive the address after they have purchased tickets.

Hundred North’s artistically crafted food is both beautiful and delicious. Photo courtesy: Hundred North.

Chef Todd Alan Martin has been hard at work and has released a first draft menu for the event along with the beer pairings:


Beer: Mo’s Saison brewed with Honey Suckle
Pairing 1: Drayton Harbor Oyster, grilled and chilled, cat tail shoots, elderflower vinegar
Pairing 2: Spotted Owl Farm patty pan squash salad wrap, green bean, shiso, burdock

Beer: Basilic Aux Fraises Saison
Pairing 1: Grilled sesame flatbread, ripe and green tomato, ripe and green strawberry
Pairing 2: Beet juice pickled egg, sunflower seed, heirloom tomato caviar

Don’t miss the charming ambiance of the field dinner. Photo courtesy: Atwood Ales.

Beer: Rhuty Rhubarb Sour
Pairing 1: Riverhaven Farm Lamb and Cloud Mountain Farm Kale dolmas
Pairing 2: Valley Farmstead Rabbit Liver Pate buckwheat crepe with smoked peach jam

Beer: Grange Farmhouse
Pairing 1: Valley Farmstead Roasted Rabbit, Holmquist hazelnuts, lovage
Pairing 2: Smoked new potato, black currant, pickled garlic scallion

You’ll delight in every dish. Photo courtesy: Hundred North.

Beer: Dark Harbor Oyster Stout
Pairing 1: Local cave aged gruyere grilled cheese sandwich, whole grain mustard
Pairing 2: Molasses Cookie sandwich, stout cream, beer mash caramel

More information and tickets are available at www.atwoodalesfarmdinner.com.

Hundred North is a locavore restaurant in Bellingham, Washington. Committed to the art of food, they produce a unique culinary experience featuring the produce of local farmers, fisherfolk and the imagination of Chef Todd Alan Martin. Atwood Ales is run by brewers Josh and Monica Smith. Their French/Belgian inspired farmhouse beers incorporate ingredients from their farm and other regional producers.

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