Submitted by: City of Bellingham, written by Amy Cloud

For many years the City of Bellingham provided a seasonal woody debris drop-off service (“Clean Green”) as disposal options were limited. The service was initially subsidized by both the City and Whatcom County. Over time, the County reduced – then eliminated – its portion of the subsidy. Meanwhile, private companies stepped up to offer the same service. Rather than compete with (and undercut) local businesses, in 2015 the City opted to phase out its subsidy funding of Clean Green and eliminate the service.

There are now options available that did not exist when the Clean Green program began. Those options – for year-round disposal of yard waste and compost – include:

City of Bellingham residents and businesses already receive curbside garbage pick-up and recycling services through SSC. To add the Food+Yard Waste option, contact Sanitary Services directly at 360-734-3490.

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