The Grocery Outlet in Ferndale is a place where shoppers can experience incredible savings with incredible service. Owned by Larry and Beth Brown, the opportunity to open this Grocery Outlet location was also an opportunity to come back to the community in which they have strong roots. Beth Brown is a third-generation Ferndale resident who met Larry when they both worked at the Bellingham Grocery Outlet in the 1990s.

The team from Grocery Outlet in Ferndale celebrating Red Nose Day in support of Boys and Girls Clubs everywhere.

After marrying, the two left the area for many years but always looked for an opportunity to get back to their Ferndale community, the place they consider home. When the chance came to open a new Grocery Outlet along LaBounty Drive in Ferndale, Larry submitted his application and a letter of intent. The idea of coming home was about to become reality.

“It was relatively scary, but exciting at the same time,” says Larry. “It was the hardest work I’ve done in that first year, but it’s been a great thing.”

Larry and Beth became involved with the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce early on. He says this was something he knew they needed to do right out of the gate even before they opened their doors. “I knew I wanted to be a part of the community,” Larry says. “We have a business here and want to raise our kids here. Watching the community grow is exciting.”

Larry attributes some of the success he feels they have achieved to the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce. “They have helped us be more transparent in the community through the community events and activities. It’s been a pivotal tool to our success over the last two and a half years.”

The Grocery Outlet in Ferndale, owned by Larry and Beth Brown, is a strong part of the community and active members of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce.

He goes on to say that events like the Ferndale Street festival, Flicks in the Park and Downtown Trick-or-Treat have shown their customers that they care and are local and accessible. Larry feels strongly that any small business in Ferndale should join the chamber and use what it offers to the fullest extent. “The community will brand your business in their own way,” Larry says. “They will see you help the community and believe in your business … I want to make a difference. I want to spend the time with my future customers and educate them about my business.”

Taking that involvement a step further, Larry is now a member of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He sees this opportunity as another way to be a part of that community growth.

Be sure to check out Grocery Outlet in Ferndale. You will discover great savings at a locally owned business dedicated to providing service to the community they love.


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