Submitted by: Stephanie Williamson

Two Bellingham-based female professionals will launch, “Brave & Beautiful: A Retreat for Women,” at Baker Creek Place on April 29, 2017. The event is aimed at empowering women to transform their everyday life into one filled with success, fulfillment and love.

The event will be co-hosted by Kelsey Barnwell of Kelsey Michelle Photography and personal and professional development coach Stephanie Williamson (StephWill.com).

An interactive retreat format was chosen to allow women to escape the demands of everyday life so they may focus on creating an extraordinary life. Barnwell and Williamson believe that every woman is brave and beautiful at their core. But those traits are hidden by fears, insecurities and the responsibilities of everyday life.

Barnwell and Williamson will encourage and guide participants to let go of the negative beliefs and limiting stories causing them to play it safe. They’ll foster the creation of the sisterhood and support needed for participants to build the legacy they deserve and will be proud of.

Almost every woman will connect with and be inspired by the obstacles Barnwell has overcome and her transparency and vulnerability in discussing those experiences. She’ll share the knowledge she’s gained from personal battles with anxiety, perfectionism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), infertility, body image, self-love and acceptance from a real, raw and truthful place.

Williamson will share her wisdom and experience as a personal and professional life coach to motivate retreat-goers to choose and live as their unique and empowered self. Participants will be empowered to create the life they want, one day at a time. “I run my business and life with fierce boldness and authenticity that is unique to me,” explains Williamson. “This retreat helps women discover the vision for their life that is unique to them and then start living it! Their journey is their own, but they don’t have to go it alone.”

This retreat is ideal for anyone who is ready to:

  • Learn what’s been holding them back and let it go
  • Recharge and have access to their best self
  • Define their “Brave and Beautiful” Life
  • Experience themselves as ENOUGH, just as they are
  • Create a community of empowered women
  • Say YES to what’s next on their journey

This one-day retreat will kickoff at 10 a.m. and include workshops, exercises and interactive discussions about being seen, appreciating yourself and making the brave choices that will “light you up.” The day includes lunch, a dessert and dance break, and will close at 5 p.m. with a “Wine Down.”

For more information contact Stephanie Williamson at 916-549-3721 or hello@stephwill.com, or visit www.braveandbeautifulwomen.com.

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