Submitted by: The Muljat Group

After nearly 30 years of ownership and management by founder Frank Muljat, The Muljat Group has been sold to Frank’s son, Troy Muljat. Founded in 1988, The Muljat Group is a leading real estate brokerage in Whatcom County.

“The Muljat Group was founded with a focus on quality and experience, both for our agents and for our customers,” said Troy Muljat. “Where some brokerages are more focused on sheer volume, we believe strongly that the best real estate experience comes from agents who share in our principles: independence, high-integrity, a strong work-ethic, quality service, and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Active in real estate since 1966, Frank Muljat was able to build the largest locally owned and independent real estate agency in Whatcom County. Along the way, he was recognized as the 2011 Businessperson of the year by readers of the Bellingham Business Journal, and received a lifetime achievement award in 2004 from the Whatcom County Association of Realtors.

Frank Muljat will remain an active member of The Muljat Group and will continue to provide quality service to his clients. “Retirement is not an option for me,” said Frank Muljat. “I love this work, the people I work with, this office. You have to love where you work. It makes life better.”

Troy Muljat is a certified commercial and residential appraiser as well as a licensed broker, specializing in commercial real estate and has been the top selling commercial broker in the greater Whatcom County area for the last 20 years. In addition to his passion for real estate, Troy is also a serial entrepreneur, owning several local businesses in a variety of industries.

A leader in the real estate technology field, Troy originally helped create the first real estate website in 1994, and is a co-founder of RealLaunch.com, a digital marketing company that provides tools and services to Realtors. Troy has received several awards for his work, including Realtor of the Year, and has been quoted in a variety of publications including the Wall Street Journal.

“The Muljat Group has always had an emphasis on incorporating new technology into our services. Using web based tools, buyers now have an incredible amount of information at their disposal to inform their process, and sellers are able to highlight their inventory across multiple platforms,” said Troy, “it is an integral part of modern residential and commercial real estate, and allows our organization to contribute to the local economy in a myriad of ways.”

Troy also emphasized his desire to continue the legacy started by his father. “It’s an honor to continue his work. We’re able to make a lot of contributions to our community and we’ve had a lot to do with the continuing development of both Bellingham and Whatcom County. This is a great place to live, and we’re proud to be in the position to help guide our region into the future.”

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