Mount Baker Theatre Resident Ghost Judy Can’t Wait for the Return of Momix

Professional dance troupe Momix will bring the Sonoran desert to the stage with "Opus Cactus." Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

I wouldn’t really say that I “haunt” the theatre. I’m more of a friendly spirit. Everyone calls me Judy. I’ve been floating through the ornately beautiful Mount Baker Theatre (MBT) since it opened in 1927. Although I try to stay out of the way, I haven’t been able to completely avoid the notice of several MBT ushers and projectionists. Sometimes I make a little too much noise. Once in a blue moon I move something and forget to put it back, and occasionally I can’t help but glide through someone’s snapshot in the balcony. I simply love the beauty of this creaky historic building.

I’m so glad that they continue to take good care of the paintings and sculptures in the original Moorish -Spanish style. I imagine it’s easier for employees and visitors to see me when they’re surrounded by the decorative faces of angels, nymphs, dragons, griffins, gargoyles, people, and animals that populate the walls of the grand building that I call home. I like puttering through the building and people-watching its many interesting visitors. The truth is, I don’t ever want to leave. And why would I when I get to see so many incredible shows and performers from all over the world?

Mount Baker Theatre
Mount Baker Theatre hosts a variety of renowned acts to its stage throughout the year. For a look at this season’s upcoming show, visit Mount Baker Theatre online. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

I simply must tell you how excited I am to see one of my favorite shows return to MBT in October. Of course, it’s also my favorite month of the year for obvious reasons, but I digress. When the fall dampness returns to the orchestra pit, I’ll be able to escape for just a while to the American desert southwest with the professional dance company Momix. On October 18, they’ll bring the stark beauty and vibrant colors of the Sonoran desert right to the stage as they perform “Opus Cactus.”

They’ve come to MBT more than once before, and I’ve danced along with them in the back when everyone was looking at the stage. I love the creative costumes, clever props, energetic music, and how the performers seem to float silkily — just like me — as they dance their way around the stage. I’ve overheard in the office that the Momix dancers will create the illusion of cactuses, slithering lizards, and fire dancers. I imagine families will enjoy this show that’s supposed to be an enchanted escape into a dangerous yet funny world of motion.

For more information about MBT’s upcoming production of “Opus Cactus,” visit MBT online and get a sneak peek of the performance here.



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