Gain Confidence in the Kitchen during Demo Days at the Bellingham Farmers Market

Bellingham Farmers Market, Demo Days
At Demo Days, shoppers can learn new ways to make use of seasonal produce from professionals like Sarah Southerland of Sustainable Connections and Electric Beet Juice Company. Photo courtesy: Bellingham Farmers Market.

In Whatcom County we’re lucky to have access to lots of local farms producing seasonal ingredients, but it can be a challenge to know how to use them at home. For many, trying new recipes can lead to some anxiety. New tools and preparations can be intimidating, so oftentimes we stick with what we know or resort to prepared foods or eating out instead. Sound familiar? Well you’re in luck. The Bellingham Farmers Market and Sustainable Connections have teamed up to help shoppers find confidence in the kitchen with Demo Days.

Every second Saturday through October, Demo Days presenters demystify how to use seasonal ingredients at home during their free demonstrations.

After watching a demo, fill up your shopping basket with fresh produce and other foods.
After watching a demo, fill up your shopping basket with fresh produce and other foods.

“Chefs want to show off interesting, creative ways to use local ingredients,” said Bellingham Farmers Market Director, Caprice Teske. “We have a canopy set-up with featured seasonal ingredients, and staff will demo and talk to people about how to prepare them. Printed recipes are provided, as well as how to find and store ingredients.” And shoppers can also learn practical skills that come in handy no matter what they’re cooking.

“A lot of people are starting from scratch and don’t know basic culinary skills,” Teske said. A wide variety of demonstrations means that people from all backgrounds and skill levels can find something valuable during Demo Days. Topics can include everything from how to make a salad dressing, to canning and preserving, to what to look for when buying a particular kind of produce.

bellingham farmers market
The bounty of the season is available at vendor stalls throughout the Bellingham Farmers Market.

“The great thing about Demo Days is that people engage with topics in a more direct way,” shared Teske. Chefs and food professionals have fun demonstrations set-up, but attendees can learn a lot from other participants as well. “There’s a lot of information sharing that happens between market-goers that can be really valuable.” Those culinary successes — and failures — can be very informative to others, after all.

Build your kitchen confidence during Demo Days at the Bellingham Farmers Market, running from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month through October.



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