Professional Party Starter Aireekah Laudert Makes Bellingham Sparkle


Celebrating the colorful side of life is in Aireekah Laudert’s blood. She performed in choir and theater throughout school, worked as a professional event planner, and owns her own glitter-driven business. But in retrospect, she believes her path to party starting began on her 8th birthday.

“My grandparents gave me a karaoke kit that year,” Laudert shared. As a kid, she would bust out her Queen tapes on karaoke, and as she grew older she started throwing parties for her friends, including Spice Girls karaoke (complete with mimosas, of course).

Aireekah Laudert
Aireekah Laudert considers herself to be a professional party starter. “I believe that everyone should be allowed to find their inner glitter unicorn, and I can help with that,” she said. “It really is the best job.” Photo courtesy: Aireekah Laudert.

Laudert moved to Bellingham in the fall of 2005, but she didn’t host her first karaoke event until 2011 when Redlight Bar asked if she’d like to take a stab at her own karaoke night. Classyoke encouraged guests to wear clothes, hats, wigs, mustaches — anything that made them feel fancy.

It wasn’t long before Redlight bartender Michelle Schutte started calling Aireekah’s karaoke nights “Aireeoke.” The name stuck, and she hasn’t looked back since. Aireekah’s events have always offered fun-packed and sparkly ways for people to have a good time when they’re out for the night. This glittery approach eventually led to her Costume Karaoke nights at The Shakedown. In addition to having an opportunity to host another karaoke night, Costume Karaoke provided its own perks.

“I stopped having to get rid of costumes because I have too many,” Aireekah said. “I have an excuse to never get rid of costumes again!” And it’s a good thing. Because of her love of all things dress-up, Aireekah is able to provide a seasonally rotating selection for all ages, shapes, and sizes.

“I believe that everyone should be allowed to find their inner glitter unicorn, and I can help with that,” she said. “It really is the best job.” Her racks of costumes, wigstand props also help put karaoke singers at ease. People who are curious about singing karaoke but afraid of being in front of crowds can use costumes as a security blanket.

“Costumes help people get into a different character,” Aireekah said. “Sometimes people are a little nervous about going on stage, but when they can put sunglasses on that are three times the size of their head it helps.”

And in addition to the comfort brought on by dressing as someone (or something) else for the night, the crowds that are attracted to Aireekah’s events are kind and supportive.

“The nicest people come to my karaoke events,” said Aireekah Laudert about her karaoke guests. Even the Christmas demon Krampus (Django Bohren, pictured here with Robert Lashley) is friendly during Krampus Karaoke. Photo credit: Jonathan Williams.

“The nicest people come to my karaoke events,” she said. Sure there are karaoke regulars, but a newbie will find the crowd friendly and supportive. Aireekah herself is like a bedazzled cheerleader for her costume-clad team of singers.

“It’s hard not to feel relaxed and have fun because everyone is instantly put at ease with the costumes,” Aireekah said. She always dresses up, so karaoke-goers can come to events already costumed as well. “They’ll never be the only one in costume.”

No costume? No worries. Aireekah seriously has just about everything you could want for your dress-up needs.

“My shark costume is a big hit,” she shared. But most people tend to opt for less-involved options. “It really cracks me up that people go for the most normal clothing items. Everybody wants the bandana and the ugly shirt!” Her most popular items tend to be fairy wings, wigs, pompoms, and ribbon dancers. Sometimes she’ll even bring glitter and face paint. As Halloween nears, she’ll even bring cosmetic blood.

From supportive crowds and hilarious costumes to tasty beverages available at the bar, revelers will find lots to love about any of Aireekah’s events. Plus karaoke means prizes from local businesses like the Pickford Film Center, La Fiamma, Shrimp Whisperer, The Comics Place and Glitt3r Lyfe.

You can book Aireekah for a birthday party, wedding or company holiday party (Christmas karaoke, anyone?), or join her for any number of ongoing fun events scheduled around town. Aireekah’s current regularly scheduled events line-up includes:

  • Krampus Karaoke
    Krampus Karaoke is the holiday edition of Aireekah Laudert’s Costume Karaoke. “I always have lots of Santa and elf hats on hand for that,” Aireekah said. Photo credit: Jonathan Williams.

    Fancy Bingo at Glow Nightclub: 3rd Monday of the month. (Everyone is encouraged to come dressed in their best Bingo glam.)

  • Cabaret Karaoke Rumors Cabaret : Mondays
  • Aireeoke at The Shakedown: Tuesdays
  • Karaoke at Kombucha Town’s Culture Cafe: Thursdays
  • Karaoke at Jalapeños in Barkley Village: Saturdays starting July 2

And during the holiday season, keep an eye out for her Krampus Karaoke, involving photos with the holiday half-demon and holiday costumes. “I always have lots of Santa and elf hats on hand for that,” Aireekah said.


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