I have been sashaying through the extravagant halls of Mount Baker Theatre (MBT) since it opened in 1927, first as a patron and now long after. Everyone calls me Judy. I wouldn’t say I ‘haunt’ MBT. I’m a friendly spirit, only a few harmless shenanigans now and then. I wander through the halls, inspect the dressing rooms once everyone has gone, people-watch all the visitors on and off the stage and applaud after every one of the 400 events MBT hosts each year.

We Banjo 3 are a sight to see playing live. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

I do my best to keep to myself and enjoy the performances from afar, but I might have to float a little closer this time around for the full-length performance of We Banjo 3 as they return to Mount Baker Theatre. Those talented young Irishmen who play traditional Irish, folk, Irish American and Celtic tunes from their award-winning albums are simply a must see!

It feels like I’m transported to Galway, Ireland during their performance. Their songs inspire so much joy on stage. They perfectly blend the mix of old world tradition and real Americana through their strings. The banjo, fiddle, guitar and mandolin create an energy that fuses the styles together. If I remember correctly, they deemed the music “Celtgrass,” a truly fitting name!

We Banjo 3 are sure to delight. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

The two sets of brothers that make up the band are simply marvelous and left me flying around the theatre last time. I’m so excited for their new album Haven to come out this summer and I’m hoping with all my heart we might get a sneak preview of some of the songs!

The best part of it all is I can continue my Irish-inspired music journey with the upcoming performance of Celtic Nights—Oceans of Hope. The tale of searching for freedom and prosperity is told by the Emerald Isle’s finest performers. I can’t wait to share the story of those who left their lives behind to cross the seas to the New World as they share their adventure that’s filled with laughter, sorrow, family and hope.

We Banjo 3, made up of two sets of brothers, brings “Celtgrass” to life. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

I had so much fun finding ways to join in on the liveliness of the Celtic tunes last year. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see the strings, jigs and colorful storytelling up close and personal this time.

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