I have been gliding through the extravagant halls of Mount Baker Theatre (MBT) since it opened in 1927 – once as a patron and now long after. Everyone calls me Judy. I wouldn’t say I ‘haunt’ MBT.  I wander through the halls watching all the visitors (100,000 people to watch every year), and applaud after every event.

Connect with your whole family while witnessing the phenomenal “Olate Dogs.” Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

I also get a rather birds-eye view of the wonderful staff that make everything at MBT happen. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop and overheard which shows the staff picked for their best bet entertainment picks for gift giving this year.

First, I floated through the ticketing area where I found Assistant Ticketing Manager Dreu L. eagerly talking about Olate Dogs, “I love being able to involve my younger siblings in the arts! They are already so excited to see this performance!”

Shortly after, I found MBT Individual Giving Manager Amy B. also speaking about one of the many family-friendly shows, Classic Chaplin with a Live Score. “You can’t beat this combo of hilariously entertaining classic black-and-white film with an amazing live music score on a beautifully preserved vintage organ, all for the same price as a regular movie ticket,” Amy said. As someone who was around for them the first time, I do love the original black and white moving pictures for which the theatre was built being given new life.

Charlie Chaplin is as funny as ever. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

But what about our Bellingham music lovers, I wondered. What would make the best entertainment gift for them? As I turned the corner I surprised quite a few people who were chatting about their favorite gift ideas.

“You can’t help but smile when We Banjo 3 is on stage! Tickets are the perfect gift for someone who wants to discover new music,” said Caitlyn K. from MBT’s Digital Communications. I definitely agree about We Banjo 3. I loved their performance last February.

“When my wife and I saw Roseanne Cash with John Leventhal coming up, we knew we’d found the perfect gift for my in-laws,” said Development Director John P. Autumn M., our ticketing specialist, followed by describing A Night With Janis Joplin, “This is about as close to seeing the late songstress as you can get. Surely it will be a night to remember.”

You’ll love BRAIN CANDY LIVE! Photo credit: Matt Christine Photography.

I had uncovered the best family friendly gifts and the best presents for the virtuosos in my afterlife – no surprise of course, with the great variety MBT has always offered. Then I heard about a few other gift ideas for a fun night out.

“What a treat that Adam Savage is coming to Bellingham! A great gift for anyone with a curious mind,” said Hannah our Graphic Designer. I knew I’d heard of Adam Savage when I catch people watching MythBusters on their black mirror devices – pardon me – their cellular phones. I will have to see this Adam Savage in the flesh during BRAIN CANDY LIVE!

We Banjo 3 are credited with creating the “Celtgrass” genre. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

As I settled in for the morning hours, I heard one last gift idea from Associate Executive Director Amy G., “Give the gift of laughter to all your girlfriends. Who won’t love you for it?” I do love Ladies of Laughter: Funny & Fabulous. I can’t wait!

If I were you, I’d give the gift of the arts this holiday season with one of MBT’s many shows. Let your kids, partners, grandparents and friends mark their calendars this year with a special night at the theater. I’ll be there applauding, laughing and enjoying the one-of-a-kind experience the Mount Baker Theatre and its performers bring to the stage, and I hope you will be there too.

Mount Baker Theatre
104 North Commercial Street
Phone:  360-733-5793
Tickets:  360-734-6080


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