Submitted by: David Brumbaugh

Being the best at something in your city is a good achievement. Surpassing everyone else in your state is a feat few can claim. But Stephanie Meester of Lynden has reached unparalleled heights – she’s the only one among more than 100,000 independent Tupperware consultants in the United States and Canada to earn a third Mustang convertible for reaching sales goals earlier this year.

Nobody else in the history of Tupperware, which has provided food preparation, storage and serving solutions since 1946, has accomplished the feat. The goals are based on Meester’s previous sales. For an 18-month period ending in January, Meester’s team of 75 people throughout the country sold nearly $1.3 million in products – tremendous growth since she earned her second Mustang in 2013 with nearly $700,000 in team sales.

Meester gives credit to Tupperware’s ability to create new products and adapt to changing times. The company has developed containers that keep produce fresh two to four times longer as well as some that can be used in microwaves, keeping food healthy and tasty in contrast to containers of yesteryear. And while many consultants still focus on home parties where a customer invites friends, other consultants emphasize working online, reaching people through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Meester also believes Tupperware’s incentives are much better than other companies utilizing relationship-based selling.

But Meester says one factor that is a key to success hasn’t changed.

“I’ve always known it’s about hard work,” she said. “Everything I do I want to be the best I can be.”

Tupperware product brands and categories include design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home. For information about Tupperware products, parties and independent consultants, call Meester at 360-393-5775.

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