Submitted by: Bellingham Bells

The Bellingham Bells are currently accepting applications for host families for the 2017 season. During summer 2017, 35 collegiate baseball players will call Bellingham home as they compete for the Bells. The 2017 Bells roster spans the entire nation and includes players from the University of Maine, Arizona State University, University of Washington, UCLA and many others.

“Our host families are some of the best in the Pacific Northwest,” Bells’ general manager Stephanie Morrell said. “The way our players are welcomed in every year contributes to the great experience they have here in Bellingham. Relationships don’t just last for the summer, but for a lifetime. Families stay in touch with players long after they take the next step in their professional career.”

Players will begin to arrive as early as May 28 and will continue to trickle in depending on the completion of their academic calendar. Players will stay through the summer season, which concludes in mid-August. During the three-month season, players will spend approximately half of their time on the road.

Basic requirements for host families are to provide a clean, non-smoking, safe and pleasant environment for the player and to provide meals when players are in town. We ask that players have a private room with their own bed, as well as access to a bathroom, kitchen and laundry area.

All host families will receive complimentary tickets to all home games for each member of the family living at home, as well as a 50 percent discount on registration for the Bells’ Coaches Camp for each (age appropriate) child living at home. Host families will also receive special Bells merchandise, a 20 percent discount on all Bells team merchandise throughout the season, an invitation to a host family celebration and a special day at the ballpark on August 6 where the team and the community will honor host families.

For more information about how you can be involved in our host family program, please contact Bells’ general manager Stephanie Morrell at 360-746-0409 or stephanie@bellinghambells.com.

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