The Blue Room Presents | Three For Silver, Kendall Lujan

06/15/2024 all-day
The Blue Room
202 E Holly St 301
#401, Bellingham, WA
The Blue Room
The Blue Room Presents | Three For Silver, Kendall Lujan @ The Blue Room

Three For Silver

Three For Silver is a tatterdemalion ensemble of rotating musicians led by Lucas Warford, “the acid baby of Tom Waits and Les Claypool,” as NW legend Baby Gramps called him.

It’s an aggressively original band that is impervious to easy description.

PR people often use phrases like Mythic Americana, Doomfolk, or Apocalypso.

Some of those are pretty good, but they still just feel like the desperate necessities of someone forced to fill out a  form labelled “genre”.

Three For Silver features one-of-a-kind instruments you’ve never seen playing styles mixed in ways you’ve never heard. The band has hit the road since 2013, and their monomaniacal devotion has already led them all over the USA and the world, from Accordion Festivals in Vienna to Modern Music Expos in Russia, and even partnering with the US State Department for ongoing cultural exchange tours to countries thirsty for truly original American music.

Kendall Lujan

Portland, Oregon based artist, Kendall Lujan embarks on her first full length album “Lucky Penny’ it is set to be released Fall 2024.  After releasing her Debut self titled EP last Spring, featured on official playlist for Spotify and Apple Music. Lujan also gaining attention from NPR’s Tiny Desk,  MTV and winning the John Lennon Songwriting contest. Sharing the stage with Amos Lee, Frazey Ford (of The Be Good Tanyas), Allie Crow Buckley, Early James, and The Magnetic Fields.

‘Lucky Penny’ features many genres Including Jazz, Folk,  Bosa Nova and Indie-Rock.  The natural singer and songwriter put together a studio band with Micah Hummel (drums), Colin Schmidt (bass) and Alex Milsted (piano) and recorded at the Map Room Studio in Portland, Oregon with Dominik Schmidt producing.

Her writing is real, introspective and reflective. After touring the songs in Europe twice this past Fall Lujan is ready to show her versatility and growth as an artist. The first single to be released late March 2024 titled ‘Goodbyes’. The song explores mourning and loss of important people in your world.  In the sense of ending romantic relationships it explores the process of knowing when someone isn’t suited for your life or growth any longer.  Lujan writes  “I wrote this song to remind myself that even though things are hard you will meet those people who stick around eventually.” Even though people come and go in your world, remembering that there will be lots of cries and laughs on your journey to finding those people who see you for who you are. The main hook stating:  ‘it takes a lot of goodbyes to get to forever.

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