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With the prices of practically everything continuing to rise, we’re all looking to save a buck or two. Technologies are advancing at a rapid rate, presenting us with opportunities like never before. But these opportunities are often blurred for consumers by either a lack of information or too much information — with companies making promises that simply don’t stack up. At Barron, we believe knowledge is power (renewable or not), and our goal is to educate our community so we can all be confident and empowered into the future.

With that said, we’ll be brutally honest: solar is not free. But we’re sure you’ve seen the circulating ads telling you otherwise. Whether you’re skimming socials or watching YouTube, you’ve likely seen videos — hard hat and all — claiming the federal government is offering solar panels at no cost to you. Many of these ads are from private companies trying to take advantage of consumers, dangling false promises in hopes of signing you up for either a purchase agreement or a lease on solar. Unfortunately, these agreements often dupe people into paying much more in the long run than if you were to invest in panels yourself (verifythis.com).

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But while the government — at both state and federal levels — is not offering free solar panels, it is offering several financial incentives for homeowners who choose to invest in purchasing panels for their home. Should you choose to go with the agreement or lease route, however, these companies are pocketing these incentives, rather than you, the homeowner.

From a nationwide push towards clean energy to state and city proposals for the adaptation of more renewable energy and energy efficient practices, the “green” movement is abuzz. Electrification is just one more piece of that puzzle, urging consumers to convert from fossil fuels to electricity as their primary power source — a proposal that affects homeowners in a very tangible way. At Barron, we are focused on the consumer and how these changes affect us all. By prioritizing continuing education, we arm our team with up-to-date knowledge of technologies and regulations to serve our community.

Brad Barron, Barron CEO and engineer, knows this well. He’s made education a priority, actively participating in multiple local groups to make a more informed Barron and Barron customer. He is a member of the BTC Electrician Advisory Committee, as well as a previous member of the Building Electrification Technical Working Group and current member Renewable Energy Working Group—both for the City of Bellingham. Because with HVAC, electrical, and solar all at Barron’s core, knowledge is key.

Photo courtesy Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing

And at Solar by Barron, that knowledge lends itself to a unique approach: one that understands your WholeHome™ from the ground up. From heating and cooling to power and water, we have an in-depth understanding of how each of your home’s most important systems work together for optimum performance and efficiency. So while many others capitalize on solar alone, our team looks “beyond the panels” to the various high-efficiency space and water heating technologies that can transform your space. Barron’s “Solar Trifecta”, for example, packages a solar power system with an electric heat pump and heat pump water heater. This trio significantly lowers utility costs, and if solar arrays are ideally sized, provides that perfect claim to fame: free power.

As leaders in Pacific Northwest homes for over 50 years and now a five-time award-winning Clean Energy Company through Solar by Barron, our team excels in finding the most effective and efficient solutions for your entire home. Our unique approach to solar allows us to use fewer solar panels while simultaneously improving the efficiency of your other systems — a win-win for your footprint and your pocket. And for a limited time, get an energy-efficient heat pump at HALF PRICE with your solar installation from Barron — a value of over $5,000.

We’ll say it again and again—despite what those campaigns may claim, solar is not free. But our Solar by Barron team is committed to helping you leverage discounts and rebates, turning your sustainable dream into a reality. As your Pacific Northwest home and building performance experts since 1972, we stand by our mission: Improving Lives™.

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