Unity Care NW Sponsors Showings of ‘The Only Doctor’ as Part of Pickford Film Center’s Doctober Film Festival


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Dr. Karen Kinsell’s clinic has served Clay County Georgia for over 22 years but in a state that has yet to expand Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act, the economics of running a sliding scale clinic isn’t feasible. The Clay County Medical Center is in disrepair and despite Dr. Kinsell’s commitment to work without pay, the clinic faces bankruptcy. But ever committed to her community, Dr. Kinsell looks to forge a partnership with a medical university in order to keep her clinic open. The film reveals the inequities of rural healthcare and how money and politics too often determine who does and does not receive medical care.

“The Only Doctor” depicts the struggles of a lone doctor providing care to one of the poorest, sickest rural communities in Georgia and sheds light on the on-going need to expand health care across America. Photo courtesy Unity Care NW

Georgia is one of 10 remaining states that hasn’t expanded Medicaid eligibility to include individuals earning less than $20,120 annually. The film presents the heartbreaking reality for people living in states without expanded Medicaid that stands in contrast to the experience of paying for care in Washington. Medicaid was expanded in this state in 2014 and affordable plans are available to those who qualify through the state’s health insurance exchange, Apple Health. Because of this, Federally Qualified Community Health Centers, like Unity Care NW, are able to help expand health care access to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

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Unity Care NW has partnered with Pickford Film Center during their annual Documentary Film Fest: Doctober to host two showings of The Only Doctor. The film will be shown with a virtual Q&A with Dr. Karen Kinsell herself and the film’s Director, Matthew Hashiguchi at 5:15pm on Tuesday, October 10th and 7:30 pm on Tuesday, October 24th at Pickford Film Center.

Watch the trailer, purchase tickets on the Pickford Film Center website and find out what happens as Dr. Kinsell fights for her patients.

Unity Care NW is Sponsoring two showings of The Only Doctor at Pickford Film Center on October, 10th and 24th.

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