Submitted by Puget Sound Energy

Daylight Saving starts on Sunday, March 14, bringing with it the most popular time of year for home improvement projects. Our energy efficiency rebates help lower project costs, help the environment, plus you save on your energy bills too.

Whether your home improvement goals are big or small, PSE recommends these energy saving tips:

1.    Check off spring cleaning chores.

Now is the perfect time to clear clutter and complete home maintenance tasks. For better safety and efficiency, clean or replace your heater’s filter, and recycle old compact florescent light bulbs for free through PSE. When you recycle a refrigerator or freezer, PSE will cover the cost of haul-away and offer a $25 check per eligible appliance.

2.    Invest in efficient appliances.

Given their frequency of use, your kitchen and laundry appliances should be as energy-efficient as possible. Energy-efficient appliances can save up to $100 per year in energy costs and can also add value to your home. 

3.    Take advantage of the latest home technology.

Devices like smart thermostats allow you to control and keep tabs on home heating usage from anywhere – and this year you can also take advantage of a $75 rebate on select models from PSE. 

4.    Receive a $500 instant discount on hybrid heat pump water heaters

Heating water is the second-highest use of energy in your home. We’re making it easy to buy efficient heat pump water heaters at participating Lowe’s and Home Depot locations. 

5.    Improve home weatherization and insulation.

Proper insulation can save 15% on home heating costs in the winter and also help keeps cool air in and summer heat out. You can lower your energy bill by preventing heat or cooling loss through unseen leaks and seams. Find a safe, dependable and efficient Recommended Energy Professional (REP) at pse.com/rep

Want to learn more? Check out pse.com/marketplace for instant rebates. For additional tips to increase the energy efficiency of your home and learn about PSE’s other rebates, visit pse.com/rebates.

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