Submitted by the Port of Bellingham

The Regional Economic Partnership (REP) at the Port of Bellingham is pleased to announce that Northwest Laboratory (NWL) is providing COVID-19 testing services for area Whatcom County businesses, including the local manufacturing community. Following the successful rollout of COVID-19 testing services, NWL developed an employer based solution for companies to test their employees.

“As the economy begins to reopen, protecting the health of our community is everyone’s top priority” said Don Goldberg, Director of the Regional Economic Partnership (REP) at the Port of Bellingham. “Building a strong and sustainable economy is absolutely dependent on our business community taking proactive steps to prevent a spike in COVID infections, including making testing widely available and accessible to all.”  

When employers request testing via telehealth providers, employees can schedule an appointment online or via telephone for the drive through collection center located in Bellingham. RT-PCR test results are available within 24 hours. For more information, visit www.nwlaboratory.com/for-employers/ or contact Covid19info@nwlaboratory.com.

REP Economic Development Project Manager, John Michener noted that “many local businesses are working hard to develop products that will help the economy re-open safely, including personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, and tests such as NWL’s.”

The Safe Start Washington proclamation was issued by Governor Jay Inslee and public health officials on May 4, 2020 in order to resume and re-open recreational, social and business activities using a four-phased approach. In all phases, business activities are not authorized to open until a business is able to meet all safety criteria. Testing availability and access is critical to re-starting our local economy.

 “The Regional Economic Partnership will continue to work closely with our local business community to provide the resources they need to overcome the extreme financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 shutdown and re-open their doors” said Goldberg.

About the Regional Economic Partnership

The Regional Economic Partnership (REP) at the Port of Bellingham is the associate development organization for Whatcom County. REP is funded by the Washington State Department of Commerce, Whatcom County, the Port of Bellingham, and the City of Bellingham. The goal of REP is to retain and attract livable wage jobs and to assist businesses, entrepreneurs, and local organizations to thrive. The group works intensively with local and regional partners to create a resilient community and economy for all and to address the magnitude of COVID-19 impacts. The team has expertise in financing, planning, research, real estate, and technology for the purpose of helping businesses start, develop, and grow throughout Whatcom County, Washington. For more information about the Regional Economic Partnership, please visit www.portofbellingham.com/154/Economic-Development

About the Port of Bellingham

The Port is a county-wide municipal corporation with a mission to promote sustainable economic development, optimize transportation gateways, and manage publicly owned land and facilities to benefit Whatcom County.  Throughout Whatcom County, the Port owns, operates and maintains approximately 1600 acres of property including a shipping terminal, a cruise terminal, two marinas, industrial development areas, commercial uplands, parklands, shoreline public access areas and an international airport.  For more information about the Port of Bellingham, please visit https://www.portofbellingham.com/

About Northwest Laboratory

Northwest Laboratory (NWL) is a CLIA certified/CAP accredited clinical lab operating in Bellingham, Washington and is owned by Northwest Pathology, the leading provider of pathology services to the medical community in the region. In March 2020, NWL became one of three labs in the state of Washington to test for the CoVid-19 virus. NWL performs tests for local clinics, regional hospitals, and local public health departments. For more information on testing for COVID19, please visit www.nwlaboratory.com/for-employers/

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