Submitted by Lariat Creative

From the creative minds behind the Bellingham flag comes the Evergreen Bandana Game, an illustrated adventure across Washington State. Designed by Bellingham artist Bradley James Lockhart, the cotton bandana features over a dozen Washington creatures and landmarks. 

This bandana is also a board game where players roll dice to race across the state. Along the way they encounter unique Washington obstacles and have a chance to speed up their advancement when they risk a roll of the adventure dice.

The bandana is washable and wearable. You can hang it on your wall or wrap it around your face on your next trip to the store. The complete game set comes is a cloth carrier bag with rule sheet and custom dice, all of which fit in your front pocket.

The game is available for sale now on Kickstarter here:

Learn more about the makers of the game here:

All photos courtesy of Lariat Creative

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