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Do you know how many earthquakes there were near Bellingham in the last year? 63! Granted, most of them are a 2-3 magnitude, but four months ago there was a 4.6 magnitude in Monroe!

Photo courtesy: Bob Wallin Insurance

Did you know your homeowners policy typically excludes earthquake coverage? Fear not! You can add it by endorsement or by purchasing a separate policy. Below are a few recent quotes with great coverage we’ve offered our clients.

Dwelling Amount Deductible Location Premium
$190k 10% Tahuya $518
$150k 2.5% Bellingham $163
$450k 5% Ferndale $321
$300k 7.5% Bellingham $175
$500k 15% Bellingham $201
$489k 20% Bothell $549
$750k 5% Chelan $187

You can also add coverage for mudslide and flood. These coverages are also typically excluded from your homeowners policy. We welcome you to make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable agents to discuss your current coverages and learn more about other coverages you may want to add.

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