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It’s that time of year: when the wind blows the rain sideways, the soil is moist and, unfortunately, the trees come crashing down. Here are a few claim Q&As:

1. My neighbor’s tree fell on my house—who pays for it?

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Answer: You do. Your neighbor can’t be liable for an act of God. UNLESS, your neighbor was negligent. If they were, then they would be liable. Example: Neighbor’s tree was rotted or damaged and you put the neighbor “on notice” that there was something wrong with the tree and they didn’t do anything, then they may be negligent.

2. My basement flooded, do I have coverage?

Answer: If it is surface runoff water from heavy rains, no. If you had a sudden and accidental pipe burst, then yes! The subsequent damage would be covered.

3. What is Flood Coverage and do I have it?

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Answer: Flood is defined as overflow of tidal or inland waters, rapid accumulation of runoff surface water, mud-flow, collapse of land or shore and can occur anywhere it rains. Flood is typically excluded on homeowner’s policies but can be added or covered under a separate policy.

4. Do I have earthquake coverage?

Answer: Like flood, earthquake is also typically excluded on a homeowner’s policy but it can be added by endorsement or you can purchase a separate earthquake policy.

Did you know that if an earthquake happened nearby, you probably couldn’t purchase coverage due to a company moratorium? With few exceptions, a flood policy is effective 30 days after you purchase it. If you’re concerned about earthquake or flood coverage, you should purchase it sooner rather than later!

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