Submitted by: PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center 

During November and December every baby born at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center will go home with a purple hat and educational materials for the parents to learn about the stage of increased crying in babies and to help prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome.

PeaceHealth is committed to educating parents to help prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome. Photo courtesy: PeaceHealth.

The hats are courtesy of Seattle Children’s Hospital as part of their CLICK for Babies campaign, which supports the Period of PURPLE Crying program, an evidence-based shaken baby syndrome/abuse trauma program (SBS/AHT). The program has two main aims.

  1. To support parents and caregivers in their understanding of early, increased infant crying.
  2. To reduce the incidences of SBS/AHT.

The purple hats are designed to serve as a reminder to new parents about what they learned during their hospital stay and to better prepare them for the stage of increased crying in their baby.

To learn more about the PURPLE Crying program go to www.CLICKforBabies.org.

PeaceHealth cares about the health and safety of newborns. Photo courtesy: PeaceHealth.


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