There’s a fun link on YouTube that’s received more that 28+ million hits featuring three local grandmothers smoking pot for the first time.

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2014 more and more families are having a new conversation. “We need to talk to mom and dad about marijuana.”

Seniors are finding relief in newly legalized canabis. Photo courtesy: 2020 Solutions.

Broaching the subject of marijuana – for both medicinal and recreational purposes, with a loved one can be tricky. At 2020 Solutions (a local cannabis retail chain that prides itself on being professional, knowledgeable and discreet), they can help you find credible information and get answers to your questions.

“Don’t force it, provide education,” advises Aaron Nelson, Director of Actualization for 2020 Solutions. “Provide information before you try to push the envelope. You’re approaching a generation of people who’ve been told their whole lives that marijuana is bad and it’s illegal and going to do these terrible things to you. Now, many people are realizing that information is simply untrue.” And the word continues to spread.

According to Sarah, a Certified Medical Consultant at 2020 Solutions’ north Bellingham location, she’s had a recent rush of older clients come in after seeing a docuseries called The Sacred Plant.

“I had four people come in since yesterday – older couples, older people who’ve never been to the shop nor experienced marijuana,” Sarah said. “They mentioned they’d watched this show and decided they wanted to start taking this ‘medicine.’ Three out of the four people who came in had cancer or were just recently diagnosed.”

The first question is simple: Are you looking to use cannabis to treat medical ailments or purely for pleasure and enjoyment? Or maybe it’s a little of both? Then be open to ALL your options.

Many seniors find consuming marijuana via edibles preferable to smoking. Photo courtesy: 2020 Solutions.

You don’t have to smoke/toke anymore. (Less of a fire hazard.) There are vaping options and edibles that allow for controlled doses and effects (uplifting or relaxing).  And the variety is seemingly endless: chocolates, gummies, coconut balls, mints, sprays, capsules, teas, tinctures and even bacon flavored for our four-legged friends. The topical creams (lotions and balms) are getting rave reviews from arthritis and joint pain sufferers.

The fact is many seniors and baby boomers are facing a multitude of ailments and the last thing most doctors want to do is prescribe patients another medication. Maybe it’s time to talk to your (or your parent’s) physician/care giver about cannabis options. Or stop in to a 2020 Solutions store and get a smart start.

Marijuana (cannabis, weed, pot, flower) is a recreational drug (the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board requires a clear disclaimer on every product sold) and clinical studies have shown it to be effective in treating chronic pain, side effects of cancer treatment, PTSD syndrome and Parkinson’s disease, not to mention providing an alternative to addictive opioids. As an adult (21+), Washington residents are not required to get a medical card to access cannabis solutions. Find more answers to frequently asked questions on the 2020 Solutions FAQ page.

Picture this: An elderly couple walk hand in hand into the North Bellingham location of 2020 Solutions. It’s a crisp Mondaymorning, and they’ve come to seek out the wisdom of Certified Medical Consultant and store manager, Sarah. They had called the day before with a lot of questions.

Like many elderly clientele, the couple is seeking her suggestions as to what type of cannabis products might provide the best relief for their cancer-related symptoms and side effects from cancer drug-related treatments. Sarah had done her research and was expecting them. She continually gathers the latest medical marijuana information to assist walk-in and repeat clients.

2020 Solutions takes pride in being able to provide answers and to get their guests information to help them make informed decisions about their physical and mental healthcare needs. The company is currently working on an outreach program to senior care facilities to help spread the word and educate seniors to their options. For more information, please call 360-734-2020.

Their ads state “First-timers welcome. Questions encouraged.” They may even have an answer to the age-old question, “How can I get my 21+ grandkids to come visit more often?”

Possible Solution: Invite him/her over for some infused lemonade and cookies and let the conversations begin.


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