The Community Food Co-op works with growers to get healthy, nourishing food into the hands of our community members. In the produce department, staff believes that produce should taste good, and also be good for you and for the farmers and farmland where it is grown.

Special measures are taken to ensure organic produce isn’t cross-contaminated. Photo courtesy: Community Food Co-op.

It is the mission of the Community Food Co-op to provide our area with fresh, delicious and sustainably grown produce from local farms. With its long-lasting relationships with local farmers, the produce brought to you by the Co-op includes a large selection of fruits, vegetables and even herbs and flowers. The Co-op is committed to sourcing directly from small family farms. They believe this is where the highest quality food comes from.

These relationships are at the core of the Co-op’s commitment to the survival of the farms we’ve come to depend on for quality and organic produce. Both Co-op stores carry about 90 percent certified organic produce and the produce departments themselves are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture organic program. That certification ensures that organic produce is carefully handled to avoid any potential cross-contamination with non-organically grown items.

Community Food Co-op staff are extremely knowledgable about the produce they sell. Photo courtesy: Community Food Co-op.

The Community Food Co-op produce staff prides themselves on being incredibly knowledgeable about the produce they carry as well as the many farms that provide that produce. When you walk into the produce department at either location, be sure to say hello and ask for tips on how to use any of the fruits and vegetables, particularly the out-of-the-ordinary selections that may be unfamiliar. The staff loves to talk about produce and share recommendations and favorite cooking tips.

Stop by the Community Food Co-op produce department today and pick up something fresh, nutritious and tasty!


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