With a database of thousands of recipes gathered over 40 years, the tradition of good and wholesome food has been the focus from the beginning at the Community Food Co-op. The deli and hot bar at the Community Food Co-op deliver more than just delicious food.

The incredible recipes in the hot bar and the deli service case are made with a dedication to making healthy food the way you would make it at home, fresh from scratch and never pre-prepared.

community food co-op
The Community Food Co-op Deli delivers freshly made food from scratch. Photo courtesy: Community Food Co-Op.

Joe Hill, assistant manager at the downtown location, describes the commitments each of the cooks and staff adhere to when creating the food. These commitments ensure the deli and hot bar deliver the most delicious, comforting food that is as organic and fresh as they can make it.

The deli team also creates as little environmental impact as possible through the ingredients they choose for every recipe.

Continuously referring to the “Dirty 12” list created by the Environmental Working Group, the Community Food Co-op is committed to avoiding any foods on that list. The “Dirty 12” list includes items based on the level of pesticide contamination in produce tested.

“If a recipe calls for an item on this list, we just won’t include it unless we can find it at a reasonable price and organic,” says Joe of adhering to his commitment. “We have the highest standards in avoiding chemicals and preservatives for all the food prepared.”

As a further step to meet these commitments, the Community Food Co-op only stocks meats free of growth hormones, antibiotics and any unnatural nitrates.

Looking to the community first, the Community Food Co-op is also committed to using as many locally sourced seasonal ingredients as possible. In fact, during the summer at least half of their produce comes from the local farmers.

community food co-op
When you select a deli item at the Community Food Co-op, you can be confident that every ingredient is freshly chopped and never pre-packaged. Photo courtesy: Community Food Co-op.

And, using as much seasonal food as possible based on local availability, customers will see the menu change with the weather and the seasons—with hearty and comforting options in the cold months and light and refreshing options in the warmer months. As with the commitment to quality, you won’t see food in the winter that calls for produce only seen locally in the summer.

“We find out what local farmers are growing and we incorporate those ingredients into our recipes,” Joe describes. “And a lot of what they can’t sell in stores we can use in recipes, such as curly cucumbers. We do this in an effort to help reduce food waste.”

Because of that driving force to create food as you would for your family, there is special interest taken in accommodating the needs of customers with special diets. Choices from the deli and hot bar feature items that are vegan and vegetarian along with gluten-free options. In fact, very special care and every effort possible is taken to avoid gluten contamination in the kitchen.

“We don’t just look at what sells,” says Joe. “We’re concerned about the health of our customers. It’s in our minds always.”

And, with the variety in choices and menu, it is easy to get what you want and what fits with your dietary needs.

The Recipes Rich in Tradition and Time 

The team collaborates to create recipes for amazing and creative deli items. Any Community Food Co-op employee can share a recipe that meets all of the commitments, and they may eventually see their recipe suggestion in the hot bar or case.

community food co-op
With a variety of choices, it’s easy to get what you want and what fits your dietary needs at the Community Food Co-op deli. Photo courtesy: Community Food Co-op.

You’ll see selections created from old family recipes to modern takes on new food that someone has tried from around the country. And, once you get to know the styles of the cooks, you can definitely distinguish which one came up with what dish.

“There’s nothing better than seeing people passionate about making their own efforts come to life,” says Joe of the cooks creating their favorite dishes and trying new recipes. “It’s really great to see cooks develop in the kitchen.”

While the hot bar items vary at the Cordata and Downtown locations, you can always count on the same salad bar and bakery items. The salad is always composed of fresh cut ingredients, nothing is pre-cut or pre-packaged.

The Services Continue

Along with a great place to grab a tasty and healthy lunch or pick up dinner for the family, the Community Food Co-op offers catering as well. From box lunches to formal dinners for large and small crowds, the staff is passionate about the attention to detail to the flavor and presentation.

“We’re most proud of the food because its genuine, real food,” explains Joe. “It’s cooked from scratch and there’s care in everything that’s made. It’s food that’s prepared as you would prepare it for your loved ones. It really is.”


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