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The WhatcomTalk team works together to share positive news and information about what it's like to live, work and play in Whatcom County. ©WhatcomTalk.

When you type a question into a search engine, you expect to get the most relevant information from a reliable source. Google’s answer to sourcing the best possible content to answer users’ questions is to validate media websites as Google News providers.

Google has certain qualifications and guidelines in place to determine what sites receive the coveted Google News provider status. The guidelines focus on:

  • News content
  • Journalistic standards
  • Authority
  • Accountability
  • Readability

In addition, there are numerous technical guidelines that govern how Google News crawls the site.

WhatcomTalk is a recognized Google News provider, ranking our content on par with traditional media companies with decades of experience. “Being validated by Google News shows that we are experts at providing relevant content to the community,” says editor, Amy Rowley.

“We know that creating unique, original content is critical to staying relevant to our readers. Search engines, like Google, also reward us for our storytelling about the community,” she says.

When looking for recent news and information about Bellingham, you don’t have to go much further than your search engine toolbar. Simply search “Bellingham news” and then click on News when the search results display. Many of WhatcomTalk’s most recent articles will be delivered in your search results.

“For our readers, Google News is just another avenue to find our content and read about the community,” Rowley says. “But, in comparison to traditional media, it’s crucial to showing that we are a valid source of community information.”

WhatcomTalk is a digital media company sharing positive stories about people, places and businesses in Whatcom County. WhatcomTalk offers content marketing and online options to advertise across our community social network in Bellingham, Lynden, Ferndale and beyond. Advertise with WhatcomTalk to reach your target market, grow your brand, and measure results.


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