Vintage Kimonos Come to Ragfinery



Submitted by Ragfinery

Ragfinery kimono
88-year-old Phyllis Evans shares her kimonos with Ragfinery.

These kimonos come to Ragfinery with a remarkable story. Phyllis Evans is a local artist whose world travels brought her to a large source of kimonos that were, according to Japanese cultural beliefs, discarded. As she traveled throughout the world, Phyllis created scenes of the memorable places she visited by piecing together bits of kimono, mimicking textures and tones she experienced with the storied pieces of silk. Phyllis’ works convey a richness, depth, and multi-layered history that is truly unforgettable.

Several months ago, Phyllis (who at 88-years-old is sharp as a tack and full of life) came to Ragfinery with her remaining kimonos, her stories, and some samples of her work. She wondered if these kimonos might continue to tell stories and inspire others as they have inspired her. We have humbly agreed to share these kimonos with our customers, and are confident that we can carry on Phyllis’ legacy with these beautiful works of art.

Stop in, get a sense of the texture and the history of these kimonos, and see if their story calls to you. They will likely go very quickly, so come see them soon!


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