Submitted by: Flex Movement Lab

Flex Movement Lab is excited to release their FRONTLINE X-Train program, and even more excited to offer a month FREE for all service members. This is truly functional training for both job performance and full body optimization for anyone on the FRONTLINE in their job, family or sport.

The FRONTLINE X-Train System is perfect for those working on the front line. Photo courtesy: Flex Movement Lab.

Life is lived in 360 degrees, and the loads and movements we ask of our bodies are rarely ever perfectly balanced. You juggle kids, your groceries, imperfectly balanced tools. We combine ancient tools with modern techniques to create mentally engaging and tactical, physically challenging workouts that translate to the real world. Perfect for anyone who swings a hammer, lifts heavy overhead, utilizes a weighted lever or just wants to add a new challenge into their workout routine.

The Steel Mace mimics real world movement and is one of the most effective ways to train and condition your whole body due to the disproportionate weight displacement; you’ll be optimizing your stabilizer muscles, joints and primary power centers.

The FRONTLINE X-Train is designed to alternate workouts between steel mace, mobility conditioning, self-defense conditioning and SMR (self-myofascial release) dynamic recovery to follow the proven four-day wave method (training low, mod, high, recover). We also integrate portions of our functional yoga into the week in various warm ups and cool downs.

Scott Ryckman is a Fire Captain and a coach. Photo courtesy: Flex Movement Lab.

Functional yoga is movement based on traditional poses but that serves a specific physical performance or sport specific goal. This is very different than traditional yoga which is “moving meditation” that includes eastern philosophy, meditative breathwork and chakra energies. We simply make the physical benefits available to all without the spiritual and meditative pieces that make many uncomfortable.

If you struggle with shoulder mobility due to an old injury, knees and backache, limited range of motion in your neck or hips, the FRONTLINE X-train will help. If you are already aesthetically fit, but struggle to use your body the way you want, this will turn that muscle mass into the functional tool you built it to be. It is also impossible to not look and feel better after swinging heavy things, so if you are just looking for a way to fit into your clothes a little better, this will also be perfect for you. Forget the maintenance training, this is for optimal performance in all areas.

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