Many dream of having a breathtaking view of Bellingham Bay from their living room window. Having a seemingly bay-sized puddle in the living room, on the other hand, is anything but a dream – and it’s a problem people face every day.

Mary and Gary Gibb have owned the plumbing and heating business since 2006. Photo courtesy: Gary’s Plumbing and Heating.

Luckily Gary’s Plumbing and Heating is here for the community 24/7. They’re ready to help in a variety of ways, from fixing a middle-of-the-night leak to completing a remodeling job. “We know what to do, we have the experience and we have the ideal training for our technicians,” says co-owner Mary Gibb.

Gary’s Plumbing and Heating is family-owned and operated. Mary and Gary Gibb have owned the Bellingham business for over a decade – though Gary has been building community connections since 1989.

Back then, Mary and Gary fell in love with Bellingham and decided to stay. “Bellingham has that really unique feel,” Mary says. “We love to hike, take our dogs out and go down by the water.”

While they didn’t originally plan on becoming business owners, it was a natural fit. Gary had built a career and felt it was time to go out on his own. “At first, Gary was going to work out of a truck,” Mary says. “People kept calling him up and really knew of his expertise.”

It quickly became clear a full-service company was in order and, for Gary’s Plumbing and Heating, service is key. They focus on building relationships and giving customers the best service possible.

Their technicians are well-equipped to handle any situation with knowledge, skill and customer service. Each is fully licensed and has up-to-date knowledge of the latest technology and industry standards. They examine the issue, then evaluate and present the customer with options. They even provide the final price up front. “People really appreciate our work,” Mary says. “Our plumbers are so dedicated; they have the aptitude and expertise in mechanical skills, they work well in a team and they also communicate in a professional manner to give quality service to the customer. There are a lot of aspects to this line of work!”

The business’ dedication to excellence extends to its employees, as well. Mary and Gary take special care to train every team member and ensure each technician has what they need with fully equipped trucks.

Services at Gary’s Plumbing and Heating fall into four categories: plumbing, heating, emergency and commercial services.


Mary and Gary are joined by their children Sarah and Will in the family business. Photo courtesy: Gary’s Plumbing and Heating.

The team is ready tackle any plumbing need including toilet, sink, faucet and shower repairs; re-piping services and sewer services. They also install garbage disposals and backflow-preventing devices.

Technicians arrive with their own equipment, which saves customers a lot of time and money. There are no costly rental fees or delays waiting for the right tools. The trucks are stocked and are like rolling warehouses, full of the necessary equipment needed when a plumbing disaster strikes.


There are a wide range of Heating services including heating and furnace, gas line, boiler and ductless mini-split installation. Gary’s Plumbing and Heating offers both installation and repairs.

Commercial Plumbing

In addition to residential, the company also offers commercial plumbing services. Their project list includes retail, industrial, medical and office spaces. A deep understanding of complex plumbing systems is evident in their exemplary work.

It’s important to hire a professional plumber for any problem or installation to detect issues that might go unnoticed by a less-trained eye. This is especially true with more intricate and extensive commercial projects.

Emergency Services

Gary’s technicians are ready to handle any job with well-equipped trucks. Photo courtesy: Gary’s Plumbing and Heating.

Possibly the most essential service Gary’s offers is emergency plumbing. Nothing else matters if you have leaking pipes, spewing faucets, clogged plumbing or anything similar. These are panic-inducing situations and Gary’s team is on the ready 24/7 to assist customers and get those problems solved.

In case of a plumbing emergency, Gary’s Plumbing and Heating offers the following advice: Start by stopping the flow of water, if possible. This means you need to know the location of the shutoff valve for every fixture and appliance, as well as the main shutoff valve for the house. If the main shutoff isn’t working or breaks, you may need to call the city and ask them to turn off the water at the meter.

If sewage is backing up in multiple drains like the shower, toilet and sink, stop using all water fixtures immediately. Then give Gary’s Plumbing and Heating a call. They can turn a desperate situation around and have you back in working order as quickly as possible.  They are also partnered with reputable businesses you may need if this happens.

Gary’s Plumbing and Heating is well known for their prompt, professional service and outstanding results. Hear what others have to say in their reviews. Gary, Mary and their team of technicians will ensure you get the care you deserve.  


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