Dr. Karyn Tapley is on a mission. “I want to focus on helping women in all phases of their lives,” explains Dr. Tapley, owner of Sound Women’s Health & Aesthetics. “I believe medicine should tie into the whole well-being of the patient.”

As an experienced Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Aesthetic physician, Dr. Tapley began to realize that with the changing medical care environment, she was not able to give the time to her patients that she felt was needed to address all of their concerns. “This was not what I signed up for,” she says. “People need the time to talk about what is physically ailing them. We need to spend time fixing those ailments and changing what we can change for better health. I value that interaction.”

Dr. Tapley knew that there was much more that she could do for patients beyond what traditional medicine was currently offering. So she set out to open a practice in which she could work with patients in a more interactive and proactive manner. She explains that integrative medicine is working with patients to identify those places in their lives that are unbalanced such as stress level, nutrition and eating habits, and even work schedule. Dr. Tapley then makes suggestions on how to get those areas back into the balance.

This type of consultative and integrative medicine allows for patients and doctors to take a step back and see the whole picture of health. Wellness services offered at Sound Women’s Health & Aesthetics are all part of an individualized plan created for the patient. After her assessment, Dr. Tapley makes recommendations using both a traditional and integrative medical approach.

“You have to be ready to make the changes that will make you healthy,” says Dr. Tapley of this proactive approach to health. “People have been running on the hamster wheel for so long, they don’t even know they are run down or exhausted.”

She goes on to explain that Sound Women’s Health & Aesthetics gives women a place to go to become educated about their health. Here they learn what actions to take to feel better and stay balanced. “It’s about determining the line between helping yourself and feeling overwhelmed,” she says. “And that’s where I come in.”

It is making small changes over time and breaking bad habits that make the big differences, Dr. Tapley says. That responsibility is key, she says, to preventative care that is actually less costly than treating illness.

The amount of time that Dr. Tapley spends with patients often surprises them. “We have lengthy appointments,” she says. “I really want to get to know my patients. I intend to help them. I want every woman to be happy when she comes to see me.”

It is that desire to help make women happy that brought Dr. Tapley to include Aesthetics in her medical practice. “I’m super passionate about making women feel good,” she says. “I’ve always loved aesthetics. Often it is these procedures that give a woman more confidence and even a better outlook on life.”

Sound Women’s Heath & Aesthetics offers services as Botox, CoolSculping, Hair Removal and Latisse among other non-surgical treatments. They also offer skincare products and facials. All services are provided by an incredible team of estheticians and medical assistants.

“I’ve never had a woman come in and say she regretted getting Botox,” says Dr. Tapley.

Recently, Sound Women’s Health & Aesthetics has cultivated two partnerships with Nourish IP and Still Life Massage and Float. These partnerships support their objective of overall wellness. “We are working towards providing great packages that support the whole person,” says Dr. Tapley.

Sound Women’s Health & Aesthetics is the practice that Dr. Tapley set out to create. “This is what I signed up for,” she says with a smile. “I have the liberty of making those prescriptions like ‘take a vacation’ or ‘spend a date night with your husband or partner,’ along with the medical prescriptions that may be necessary.”

She says this is the great part of integrative and consultative medicine. Sometimes achieving balance and a healthy lifestyle really is as simple as taking a break, Dr. Tapley explains. And that balance is what she sets out to find when she meets with her patients. “I love what I do,” she says.

Take a look at what Sound Women’s Health & Aesthetics can do for you and your overall health, well-being and confidence.


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